Best 2 Woolrich Electric Heated Blankets & Throws Reviews

Best 2 Woolrich Electric Heated Blankets & Throws Reviews

Looking to find out the best electric blanket available and to welcome winter ready?

If your answer is positive, Woolrich electric blanket is probably the best solution out there. In this article by discussing technical spetifications and other features you will discover why is this the new way of saving money and energy.


About The Woolrich Brand

Beginnings Of Woolrich

Woolrich long history is almost 200 years long. Founded in 1830 by John Rich and Daniel McCormick, it is one of oldest manufracturer of outdoor wear with the big impact in fashion field  in US. Since we are talking about their electric heated blanket, we need to mention that their woolen blankets were being used by Union soldier in the Civil War. These blankets are still being produced.

Woolrich Products Nowadays

Woolrich brand besides their heated throw offers a wide range of products.On their official site you can find from parkas and flannels to shoes and bags.Their prices vary depending on which product you want to buy,but they are not that high considering materials they use and the quality of products. Also you can get a gift card and suprise your loved ones.

What Can I Get For A Price Of Electric Blanket?

When we speak about electric blankets ,this product is on the pricier side of the spectrum in comparation with other similar products .Although you might give few dollars more you get a lot usefull features such as controller with 10- hour auto shut off. Woolrich brand offers a plenty of diffrent colours and sizes to choose from as well .Their design brings a sence of heritage and instantly makes living space cozier.

How To Get One Of Woolrich Blankets?

If this electric blanket already interested you, the good news is that is available on few different websites that sell it ,although I would recommend Amazon.Not only it has a detailed description of a product ,it offers customers review and the section with question and answers. Bonus is that you can find very good deals as well.

Warranty And Support of product

Amazon offers 100 per cent satisfaction guarantee with 5 years product warranty. This way you can enjoy your product and not worry about low quality of it.

Best 2 Woolrich Electric Blankets and Throws Reviews

Woolrich  Electric Blanket with Two 20 Heat Level Setting Controllers

Adaptability Of The Electric Blanket

Woolrich brand ensures perfect temperature by adjusting temperature of the blanket based on overall temperature.They are conducting heat in a balanced manner.Blanket comes with a controller with 20 different temperature settings to choose from as well .This means you choose how warm you want to be. In addition to this, 10 hours auto shut off allows you not to worry about falling asleep with your blanket still runing.

Woolrich  Electric Blanket with Two 20 Heat Level Setting Controllers

Next Level Of Comfort In Your Home

Sometimes you just want to stay at home and snuggle up,and what better way is to do that than with oversized Woolrich heated blanket. Extra comfort is provided with soft microlight plush fabric and flexibile wires. It reverses to a soft berber that adds extra warmth so you just need to relax .

Wide Offer Provided

Woolrich designed many different colours and sizes to fit in any household. Speaking about colours,there are 6 to choose from including : chocolate ,garnet, ivory, sapphire, indigo and gray. Company offers twin size(62×84),full size (80×84),queen (84×90) ,king size(100×90) and electric throw(60×70).

Woolrich  Electric Blanket with Two 20 Heat Level Setting Controllers REVIEW

Easy Care Allows You To Save Money

If you are looking for a blanket that does not require monthly dry cleaning or something that can take time and money, this might be product for you. Polyester fabric from both sides is machine washable.Easy care includes :machine wash cold on gentle cycle and tumble dry on low heat. It is  prohibited to bleach and iron.

New technology improvements

It is important to emphasize that this product does not cause any damage .New technology does not emit electromagnetic field emission


  • -10 hours auto shut off
  • -20 heat setting
  • -washable microlight plush fabric

Woolrich Electric Blanket Throw

Different sizes and colours available

Woolrich Electric Blanket Throw

This is also a Woolrich electric blanket ,but with few differences. It comes in 8 different versions mixing different colours and prints.Measurements of this throw are 60”Wx70’’L. The biggest difference that is affecting price is that it is featuring just 3 heat settings and that there is no auto shut off.

Conclusion:Why Is Woolrich Brand Right For You?

Woolrich electric blanketis the best choice if you are looking for cozy product with modern twist supported with features such as 20 heat level setting controller. But when you are limited with space or when you do not have a partner to share,Woolrich electric throwwith its smaller dimensions is right version for you.

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