Best 5 Electric Heated Blanket Wrap To Buy In 2022 Reviews

Best 5 Electric Heated Blanket Wrap To Buy In 2020 Reviews

Are you frequently cold in your office or find it unpractical to heat the entire house? Electric wrap blankets might offer exactly what you need.

The article reviews different electric blankets that you can conveniently wrap around. What is more, you will read about various features that are important to check when buying a heated blanket.


Check These Heated Wrap Characteristics

Practicality Of The Wrap-Around Blanket

Heated blanket wraps are small-sizes and practical for storage if you do not have much space. Also, some electric wrap-around blankets have a button that will ensure that the heated wrap does not slip off.

Comfortable Heated Wrap

Check the material of the heated wrap-around blanket to ensure that the fabric will be comfortable against the skin. Another component of the heated blanket that will make it comfortable is its wires which have to be thin and flexible.

Safety Of Electric Wrap Blankets

Most electric blankets on the market will not be hazardous. However, some might be a higher risk than others. For a safe blanket, search a low voltage blanket that has a built-in auto-off feature on its controller.

Affordability Of A Heated Wrap

Heated wrap throws will be offered at different prices. That will depend on the model of the electric wrap, it manufacturer and retailer. However, heated electric wraps are usually less expensive due to their smaller dimensions.

Best 5 Heated Wrap-Around Blankets

Best Oversized Electric Blanket Body Wrap

Beautyrest Heated Blanket Wrap

Dimensions And Fabric

One available dimension for the wrap is 50x64in. The fabric of this model of a heated wrap is a 100% polyester microlight plush. The material of the electric wrap can also be reversed. Another side of the heated throw wrap is a sherpa berber.

Beautyrest Ogee Purple Heated Blanket

Styles Of The Wrap Throw

The heated wrap can be bought in a variety of styles and colors. You can choose one of these three styles of the electric wrap: ogee, solid, and scroll pattern. These heated wrap-around blanket styles come in different colors.

Electromagnetic Field Emissions

According to the manufacturer of the throw, this model of a heated snuggler wrap does not cause electromagnetic field emissions. That makes the heated snuggle wrap throw even safer for everyday use.

Beautyrest Ogee Purple Heated Blanket review

Wrap’s Controller Features

Since one size is available for this product, you get one controller for adjustment of the heating settings. You can choose out of three levels of heating settings when using the heated wrap. It also stops heating after 2 hours for your safety.

Cleaning Of The Throw

The Beautyrest heated snuggle wrap is easy to clean. That is because you can clean the electric wrap-around blanket in the washing machine. However, you will have to carefully read the instructions in the manual.


  • Many different styles available
  • Washing machine safe
  • Does not cause electromagnetic field emissions
  • Auto-off feature of the controller

Best Heated Snuggler Wrap Throw

Perfect Fit Heated Snuggler Wrap Throw

Colors And Materials

If you like this wearable heated electric throw, you can get it in chocolate, gray, navy, and sand color. The material of the electric wrap-around is a very comfortable and soft plus that is 100% polyester. That fabric will last you a long time.

Perfect Fit Heated Snuggler Wrap Throw

Dimensions Of The Blanket

You can buy the heated wrap in the premium throw size or in a standard throw size. Dimensions of the premium throw are 50x60in. If you want a bit larger throw, order an oversized premium throw size.

Electric Parts Of The Throw

The heated wrap throw you buy will come with a cord and controller. The cord is unnoticeable and hidden in the blanket. The controller for the electric wrap-around is equipped with 4 heating settings and it has a built-in 4 hours shut-off.

Perfect Fit Heated Snuggler Wrap Throw review

Safety Of The Heated Wrap

As it was previously mentioned, the heated wrap-around blanket has a 4-hour auto-off feature. Other characteristics of the heated blanket that will increase your safety are that it is ETL certified and

Warranty For The Electric Throw

The heated wrap throw has a warranty that will expire after a year. The warranty for the heated blanket covers damage that was initially caused by the manufacturer. Do not repair the blanket yourself if the warranty did not expire.


  • ETL certified blanket
  • 1-year warranty for the wrap
  • Very comfortable plush material

Best Therapeutic Electric Snuggle Wrap

Beautyrest Soft Sherpa Heated Wrap

Therapy Option Of The Throw

The heated wrap can reduce the pain in joints, improve circulation and take care of your sore muscles. The wrap is 64x50in and that is an oversized dimension that covers the whole person and its heat can also soothe anxiety.

Beautyrest Fleece Snuggle Wrap

Controller For The Warp

The heater wrap-around blanket is suitable for one person. That why the heated wrap comes with one controller. That controller has three levels of heating settings. What is more, the electric wrap stops heating after 2 hours.

Cord For The Throw

The cord for the electric snuggle wrap is 12 feet long. That cord is hidden in the electric wrap around the blanket. The power cord for the heated wrap measures an additional 6 feet.  The cord is also thin and does not affect the comfort of the blanket.

Beautyrest Fleece Snuggle Wrap review

Good For The Budget

Besides the fact that you will not have to heat the whole home when you are using the heated wrap blanket, it also does not operate using a high voltage. Those features will keep you warm and safe in your heated wrap.

Price Of The Heated Wrap

This model of an electric wrap blanket is a bit more expensive in comparison to other manufacturer’s blankets that are similar to this model. That is because buying the Beautyrest electric blankets is an investment and their blankets are durable.


  • Oversized heated wrap
  • Long power cord
  • Comfortable heated throw
  • Therapy heated wrap

Best Electric Wrap Snuggie With Pockets

Serta Heated Snuggler Wrap Throw

What You Get When You Buy It

When you buy this Serta’s heated wrap blanket, you get a blanket, controller and a wire. The blanket is a very soft plush material that is 100% polyester. Since it is a smaller sized snuggie for one person, you get a singular controller.

Serta Cuddler Heated Throw With Pockets

Models of The Throw Available

You can buy three different models for this heated wrap-around blanket. These models of a heated blanket vary in price but they have similar features concerning the controller, wire and the blanket itself.

Cleaning Of The Heated Throw

The electric wrap-around throw is a low maintenance throw that you can wash in a washing machine. However, you will have to take out the controller and the cord for the controller beforehand. And you will have to use gentler circles.

Serta Cuddler Heated Throw With Pockets review

Heating Of The Wrap

When you want to use the heated wrap, plug in the controller and choose one of its 4 heating settings. There is not more to it because the product is simple to use. You can also preheat the electric blanket before you wrap it around.

Design Of The Heated Wrap

The heated electric snuggie throw is designed to cover an adult person. A special feature that this model of the heated wrap has is its deep pockets. Pockets are ideal for people who have a hard time keeping their hands warm.


  • Model features pockets
  • Low-maintenance heated wrap
  • User-friendly heated blanket

Best Cheap Cuddler Electric Heated Wrap Blanket

Sunbeam Chill Away Heated Fleece Wrap

Material And Colors

The material of the electric heated wrap is a very comfortable and soft fleece. The advantage of the material, besides comfort, is that it enables equal distribution of heat. There are only two colors available; garnet and sand.

Sunbeam Royalmink Throw

Design And Size

The throw is designed as a regular heated throw. The heated wrap does not have sleeves, but it is suitable to cover one person. That is to say, it will not get in your way as you do your work. The size of the heated electric wrap is 25x57in.

Choose Preferred Heating Level

You get one controller when you purchase this Sunbeam’s electric snuggle wrap. That controller for the electric blanket has four heating settings. It also features an auto-off option that will ensure that you will be safe.

Sunbeam Royalmink Throw review

Inexpensive Heated Blanket

Sunbeam offers inexpensive heated blanket models. This is also an inexpensive model of an electric wrap blanket that will last you but it is also great if you have a certain budget that you need to uphold.

What To Do In Case Of Defects

Most customers have issues with controllers when using this blanket. You will know that is the case if you notice a red light blinking on the controller. In that case, you have a 5-year warranty and a 30-day return option.


  • Cheap heated wrap blanket
  • 5-year warranty for the blanket
  • Suitable for one person
  • Limited colors and sizes

Conclusion: Which Heated Wrap Throw Should You Buy?

All listed heated electric wrap blankets are a practical and good choice for cold winter days. If you planned to buy a heated blanket wrap that is affordable, I suggest trying Sunbeam Chill Away Heated Fleece Wrap.  Try Beautyrest Soft Sherpa Heated Wrap if you have issues with sore muscles or circulation.

I have more articles that might help you to buy top-rated electric blankets. Read about low voltage electric blankets if you are worried about your safety and want to save money. If you want an electric blanket that you will be able to use, outdoors, read about cordless heated stadium blankets.