Best 5 Beautyrest Electric Heated Blankets & Throws Reviews

Best 5 Beautyrest Electric Heated Blankets & Throws Reviews

Are you looking for a comfortable electric blanket or throw? Beautyrest might offer just what you need.

Read my article to find out more about Beautyrest’s models of heated blankets and throws. Learn through reviews about the technical features of warming blankets. After you read it you will also know more about the Beautyrest brand itself.


Beautyrest Brand Of Heated Blankets And Throws

About The Brand

The Beautyrest brand has been perfecting its bedding products since the 1870s. According to their official pages, they are the brand you may count on due to their long history. They offer innovative technology items that are adapted for the times we live in. Their products include mattresses, heated blankets, and throws.

Where To Buy Their Products?

Beautyrest brand has their products available online, but it is limited to mattresses. You can also enter your zip code on their website and find a local store. If you need the Beautyrest heated blankets or throws, Amazon offers multiple models. Also, you may find retailers such as Amazon even more affordable.

Prices Of Beautyrest Electric Blankets And Throws

Beautyrest offers quality products at different price points, depending on the model. In comparison to other manufacturers of bedding items, they are not the most affordable ones but also not the most expensive brand around.

Beautyrest’s Warranty And Return Policy

Warranty on the products will vary. That depends on different models, prices, or likelihood of breaking. For example, Beautyrest’s electric blanket and throws come with a 5-year warranty. When it comes to their return policy, you can return the item within 30 days.

How To Get In Touch With Beautyrest

Beautyrest company has their free number listed on their website. Their customer service is available during the week. Because of their long history, customer satisfaction is important to them. However, you can also contact the retailer on Amazon. They might also have the information you need.

Top 5 Beautyrest Heated Blanket Reviews

BeautyrestQuilted Weighted Blanket

Material Of The BeautyrestHeated Blanket

This Beautyrest model of a heated throw is made out of 100% Polyester Mink throw cover. The fabric is quilted and comes in three different colors; grey, indigo, and white. The fabric is very soft and created to feel comfortable on your skin. It comes in one dimension, 60X70’’.

BeautyrestQuilted Weighted Blanket

Electric Throw Not Recommended For Pets

This Beautyrest electric blanket is not recommended to be used by pets. That applies especially when it is heated because the temperature might get too high. However, if the electric throw is not warmed, it will not be hazardous for your pets.

Weighted Beautyrest Electric Blanket

The blanket is a bit heavier and it weights 18 Lbs. There is also an option of 12 Lbs. Heaviness of the heated throw creates the pressure. The Beautyrest electric blanket enables you the warm and weighted feeling that is soothing and alleviates your anxiety.

BeautyrestQuilted Weighted Blanket review

Cleaning of the blanket

The electric blanket/ throw is easy to wash. It is a machine washer safe and has a removable cover. Even though the electric throw is a bit heavier, you can remove the light cover and keep your blanket hygienic. It also dries rapidly.

Detect Issues With Controller Early

If you notice that the controller’s light for your Beautyrest heated blanket is flashing, it might be a sign of a problem. You can return the blanket or replace the controllers. If your electric blanket is under the warranty, do not replace the controllers yourself.

Short Description:

  • Easy to detect issues with a controller
  • Not recommended for pets
  • Weighted throw alleviates anxiety
  • Machine washer safe

Beautyrest Cozy Plush Heated Electric Blanket

Design Of The Blanket

The material of the heated blanket is 100% Microfiber. Unlike the weighted 18 Lbs electric blanket model, it is very light. The top of the heated blanket is a very light plush that makes the blanket extremely comfortable.

Beautyrest Cozy Plush Heated Electric Blanket

Colors And Sizes You Can Buy

There are eight colors you can choose from when buying this heated blanket. Beautyrest heated blankets range from the lightest Ivory to the darkest black. A black electric blanket is Beautyrests most popular model. The electric blanket comes in all four sizes; king, queen, full and twin.

Controllers You Get With Beautyrest Plush

Controllers for the heated blanket are user-friendly and have 20 settings. You get two controllers for king and queen size of electric blanket and one for smaller dimensions. If there is any hazard, controllers on the electric blanket will be blinking. However, Beautyrest ensured your safety when using the blanket with an automatic 10-hour shut-off.

Beautyrest Cozy Plush Heated Electric Blanket review

Heating Of The Beautyrest Plush Blanket

Use the controllers to set the electric blanket warmth you prefer. It is advisable to preheat your blanket before going to bed. The blanket heats evenly and on both sides.

Disadvantages Of The Heated Blanket

Customers praise the heated blanket’s soft material and a variety of sizes and colors. However, some complained that the electric blanket slips off during the night and that controllers for the heated blanket can be loud.

Short Description:

  • 8 different colors
  • 20 controller settings
  • Automatic shut-off

Beautyrest Heated Blanket Wrap

Size, Color, And Material

Available sizes for the wrap are limited to 50″ x 64″. That size suits most people. There are 10 stylish colors and prints to choose from. The material of the blanket is Sherpa Fleece which makes this Beautyrest heated throw so comfortable.

Beautyrest Heated Blanket Wrap

Affordable Wearable Heated Wrap

In comparison to other manufacturers of heated wraps, this one is affordable. Beautyrest products create a perfect balance of high quality and affordable electric products.

Controllers For Beautyrest Wrap

The Beautyrest wrap comes with one controller. The controller of the Beautyrest wrap has three settings to choose from. Do not worry if you fall asleep in your wrap because it ceases heating automatically after 2 hours.

Beautyrest Heated Blanket Wrap review

Safe For Everyday Use

The heated wrap is made to be safe and it was UL and ETL certified. You will know if something is wrong with the throw because the controller will have blinking lights. Also, the blanket does not emit electromagnetic fields.

Great For A Lot Of Stationary Work

The Beautyrest electric wrap comes with a controller that is not wireless. Namely, you need an outlet close to you in order to work. That is why the heated throw is perfect if you need to be warm during the office work.

Short Description:

  • Wearable heated wrap
  • User-friendly electric wrap
  • UL and ETL certified product
  • Does not emit electromagnetic fields

Beautyrest Heated Electric Throw With Foot Pocket

Design Of The Electric Throw

The heated throw is specially designed to keep your feet warm. It is made out of microlight plush fabric and foot pockets at the bottom of the blanket. This Beautyrest heated throw is very light and it is designed to cover an adult person.

Beautyrest Heated Electric Throw With Foot Pocket

Comfortable Plush Throw

This Beautyrest model comes with a very soft and comfortable plush blanket and a thin wire. The wire is 6 feet long. Most customers use the throw even when it is not heated.

Size And Colors Available For The Throw

There is one available size of the electric throw and that is 50×62″. The warming throw comes in two colors: grey and ivory.  Even though the choice is limited, customers do not complain about this feature of the heated throw.

Beautyrest Heated Electric Throw With Foot Pocket review

Plush Throw’s Controllers

The heated plush Throw comes with one controller. The controller has three settings and it shuts off after 2 hours to keep you safe. You will notice if your controller should be replaced. If you notice the blinking light on the throw’s controller, call the Beautyrest’s free number.

Low Maintenance Of The Throw

You can wash the throw it in the washing machine and use the dryer to dry it. Read the maintenance instructions for more details on which temperature to use and similar. Also, to keep the original state of the fabric, do not use bleach or iron on the heated throw.

Short Description:

  • Comfortable fabric
  • It has pockets for your feet
  • Indicative flashing light on the controller

Beautyrest Faux Fur Heated Throw

Fabric Of The Heated Throw

This animal-friendly Beautyrest heated throw is made out of faux fur fabric. The material is 100% polyester. The throw is thicker in comparison to other Beautyrest heated blankets and throws. However, it is very soft and warm even before heating.

Beautyrest Faux Fur Heated Throw

Limited Faux Fur Sizes And Colors

The faux fur model of Beautyrest heated throw does not come in a wide variety of colors and sizes. There are four available colors of the throw: grey, black, champagne, and brown. Size of the Beautyrest electric throw is also limited; it comes solely in oversized 50×70’’.

Low Maintenance Of the Throw

The fabric of the oversized heated throw is thicker and visually more luxurious. Nevertheless, it does not require any special treatment of the fabric. You may also use a washing machine and dryer to maintain the heated throw. For more instructions on how to clean the throw, read the manual.

Beautyrest Faux Fur Heated Throw review

Heating Of The Faux Fur Throw

This model of Beautyrest heated throw comes with one controller. The controller of the heated throw has three settings and automatically stops warming after several hours. The heated throw is warm on its own and that is why it does not require more settings. The heating of the blanket is the same as with other Beautyrest electric products.

Short Description:

  • Animal-friendly
  • Very soft and thick fabric
  • Limited sizes and colors
  • Low maintenance

Parts For the Beautyrest Throw And Blankets

If you noticed the light on your controller blinking, you experienced an issue with your controller. When you need Beautyrest electric blanket replacement controller, contact Beautyrest. In case the warranty expired, replacements are available for purchase on Amazon.

Beautyrest Electric Blanket Manual Instructions

If you are not sure how to use an electric throw or blanket you purchased, there are manuals available online. Beautyrest manual covers basic care of the heated blanket and how to use your controller. Also, manuals are often available in the Amazon descriptions of the product.

Conclusion: Which Beautyrest heated blanket or throw to buy?

Beautyrest offers a wide array of electric blankets and throws. If you cannot decide where to start, I would suggest that you purchase Beautyrest Cozy Plush Heated Electric Blanket. If you want something wearable, Beautyrest Heated Blanket Wrap might be a good choice.

To find more information on which electric blanket to buy, read my other articles. They have a wide scope of topics that cover blankets such as best electric blankets, 12v heated blankets and USB powered heated blankets.