Best 5 Travel Electric Heated Blanket To Buy In 2022 Reviews

Do you need an electric blanket that is portable and suitable for travel? This article with its reviews of some of the best travel electric blankets might help.

Read further if you want to know how to find the best heated travel blanket and what should you pay attention to when buying the blanket.


Technicalities To Pay Attention To

Portable Electric Travel Blanket

If you need an electric blanket for travel, it must be practical. That is to say, it should be portable and operate using batteries. In case you travel by car, some models can be plugged into sockets in your car.

What Makes A Safe Heated Blanket

The best heated travel blankets reviewed in the article are safe to use. However, there are some features that you can check to ensure safety. Namely, search for heated travel blankets that have an auto-off feature on their controllers or low-voltage blankets.

Washing Of The Heated Blanket

Most heated travel blankets are washable in the washing machine. Even though they are low-maintenance, you will have to take out their electric parts because they are not waterproof. Some models can even be put in a dryer.

Where Are They Available?

Heated blankets for travel can be ordered via official sites of a chosen manufacturer. What is more, you may buy them from different retailers such as Amazon. If you opt for a second option, you might get quality products at lower prices.

Are Travel Blankets Expensive?

Electric blankets that are indented for travel purposes will be cheaper than other blankets. That is because travels heated blankets are usually smaller dimensions blankets. Also, since they are sometimes battery-operated, they will cost you less in the long run.

Best 5 Heated Travel Blankets Models

Best Cheap Electric Blanket For Car

Zone Tech Car Heated Travel Blanket

Material And Styles Available

The material of this model of heated travel blanket is polar fleece. The material makes the heated blanket soft and also of great quality. The heated travel blanket comes in one limited red-colored plaid style.

Zone Tech Car Heated Travel Blanket

Size Of The Blanket

According to the manufacturer, the heated travel blanket is large enough to cover at least two people. Its dimensions are 14.4 x 3.9 x 10.8 inches. Due to the fleece material and dimensions, it is lightweight. Namely, it weighs less than 3 pounds.

Heating Of The Blanket

To heat this travel electric blanket, use the outlet available in your car. That outlet usually operates using 12v DC. Use the controller to adjust the heat and set the timer to turn off the heating in case you fall asleep.

Zone Tech Car Heated Travel Blanket review

Suitable For Travel

Because of its dimensions, wires, and cords that can be plugged in your car, the blanket is ideal for travel. You can easily fold the blanket because of its flexible wires. What is more, when folded, they can be easily stored or used as a pillow.

Affordable Heated Blanket

In comparison to other heated blankets that can be used for travel, this model is one of the affordable models. Nevertheless, the model of heated travel blanket did not have many complaints from customers who tried it.


  • Affordable heated blanket
  • Very comfortable heated blanket
  • Can be easily folded
  • Suitable for cars
  • Lightweight heated blanket

Best 12 Volt Heated Travel Blanket

Sojoy Heated Travel Blanket

Dimensions And Color

The heated travel blanket is one of the larger models. The dimension of the electric blanket for travel is 57x40in. The material fo the heated travel blanket that is 100% polyester fleece is available in only one color; black.

Sojoy Heated Travel Blanket

Timer And Heating Levels

Even though most heated blankets ordinarily have specific levels of heating, travel blankets do not. You heat the blanket by plugging it into the socket available in your vehicle. If you are worried about your safety when using this blanket, you will be glad to know that it has 45 minutes timer.

Great For Emergency Kit

Many satisfied customers who tried this model of travel heated blanket reports having them ready in their emergency kits. That is because the heated blanket does not take up a lot of space when folded. But it also heats up in a couple of minutes.

Sojoy Heated Travel Blanket review

Low Voltage Travel Blanket

As it was mentioned, the blanket plugs in the sockets in your vehicle. Therefore, the blanket does not use more than 12v to operate. Blankets that use such low-voltage are one of the safest heated travel blankets you can buy.

How To Clean The Blanket

This electric travel blanket cannot be washed in a washing machine. However, you can hand-wash the heated travel blanket when that is necessary. The heated travel blanket’s fleece material also dries very quickly.


  • Travel blanket heats fast
  • Uses low-voltage to operate
  • The heating shuts-off after 45 minutes

Best Low-Voltage Travel Blanket

Stalwart Heated Travel Blanket

Comfortable Electric blanket

The heated travel blanket has very thin wires and soft material that make the blanket comfortable. Namely, the wires hidden in the blanket are hardly noticeable. Also, the soft polyester material of the blanket makes it very soft.

Stalwart Heated Travel Blanket

Styles You Can Buy

If you like to be stylish even when you travel, this blanket might be just for you. This model of electric travel blanket comes in a variety of styles you can purchase. Namely, you can choose one of 6 styles for your blanket. They have the same features but they might vary in price.

Storage Of The Blanket

You can have the heated blanket ready in your vehicle. That is because it is a lightweight blanket of smaller dimensions. Its flexible wires and dimensions enable easy folding that will not damage the product.

Stalwart Heated Travel Blanket review

Where To Plug It In?

The blanket comes with a long cord that can be plugged into any vehicle that you might use. The electric travel blanket plugs into a cigarette lighter of any car, truck SUV, etc. That makes it ideal for road trips.

Heating Of The Blanket

The electric travel blanket is easy to use. That is because it does not have multiple complicated parts. That is to say, you can just plug it in and it will start heating. It does not have auto-off. What is more, the blanket’s heating range will cover other passengers as well.


  • Multiple styles available
  • Does not take up much space
  • Plugs into any vehicle
  • Comfortable heated blanket

Best Auto-Off Electric Travel Blanket

Car Cozy 12v Heated Travel Blanket

Styles And Material

If you like this model of heated blanket suitable for travel, you can get in three different styles. These styles are red plaid, black & white plaid, or navy. The material of this heated travel blanket for a car is 100% polyester fleece.

Car Cozy 12v Heated Travel Blanket

Dimension Of The Throw

The heated travel throw is available in one size. The dimensions of that size of the heated travel blanket are 58x42in. The manufacturer noted that this size is big enough to cover two people. That is ideal for your road-trip company.

User-Friendly Electric Blanket

After plugging in the heated blanket into your car, you can use the controller to turn it on. The blanket does not have many features. That is why the blanket is great as a present for someone who is not enthusiastic about technology.

Car Cozy 12v Heated Travel Blanket review

Safe Heated Blanket

This model of the electric blanket will keep you safe on your travels. That is because it does not need a lot of voltage to operate. The electric blanket requires only 12v to work. What is more, it features a timer that will stop the heat after several hours.

Can be Used For boats And Cars

This electric travel blankets can be plugged into any car. However, is also advertised as a heated blanket that you can take on a boat trip. Due to its lightweight feature and compact way of folding, it is suitable for any trip.


  • Auto-off feature of the timer
  • Larger enough for two people
  • Low-voltage blanket

Best Electric Fleece Travel Blanket

GLIME 12 Volt Electric Travel Blanket

Dimensions And Material  

Dimensions of this travel electric heating blanket are 40x56in. That is great if you need to store them in cramped spaces. The material of the hated travel blanket is a comfortable fleece that will keep you warm and cozy.

GLIME 12 Volt Electric Travel Blanket

Heating Technology Specifications

According to the GLIME, their heating product is constructed to heat in the S-shaped feature. That heating feature enables equally distributed heat of your throw. What is more, the blanket will be heated faster than other blankets.

Travel Blanket’s Controller

Most heated blankets that are used for travel do not have different heating settings. That is not the case with this model. You can choose one of the three heating settings: low, medium, or high. What is more, you can adjust the timer to shut off when it suits you.

GLIME 12 Volt Electric Travel Blanket review

Safe To Use

This blanket is safe to use because it will detect when the blanket is heating on the temperature that is too high. In such a case, it will automatically turn-off. That will prevent overheating. In addition to that, the blanket is a 12v car blanket.

Company’s Return Policy

The heated travel blanket has a guarantee that you can return the blanket within one year. Therefore, if you are not satisfied with the product, contact the manufacturer and arrange a replacement.


  • 1-year replacement policy
  • Three levels of heating
  • Built-in overheating protection
  • S-shaped heating feature

Conclusion: Buy These Models Of Electric Travel Blankets

There are many affordable and quality models of electric travel blankets available online. Start with one of the softest comfortable fleece blankets on the list: GLIME 12 Volt Electric Travel Blanket. If you want to be sure that the blanket is suitable for your car and operates using a low-voltage, try Sojoy Heated Travel Blanket.

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