Best 5 King-Size Electric Heated Blankets In 2022 Reviews

Best 5 King-Size Electric Heated Blankets In 2020 Reviews

Are you looking for an electric blanket that will be big enough to keep at least two people nice and toasty? I selected the best king-size heated blankets that might be just what you need.

Read the article to find out more about the best models of king-size electric blankets. You will also know more about king-size electric blanket technicalities that make a difference in quality.


Check These Heated Blanket Characteristics

Comfortable Heated Blankets

If you want to ensure that an electric blanket is comfortable, check material and wire characteristics. That is to say, the most comfortable models will have soft velvet, fleece, or micro plush materials. Wires should be thin and not disturb your sleep.

Features Of Dual Controllers

When you buy a king-size electric blanket, it will come with dual controllers. That is because that size is to be used by at least two people. And it is practical that you can differently heat two halves of your bed. Controllers also have up to 10 heating settings.

Warranty And Return Policy

Some company policies require that you apply for the warranty on their official websites. Warranties for the electric blankets last up to 5 years. In case you have issues with your blanket early, there is also a 30-day return policy in most cases.

Where To Buy Your Blanket?

The electric blanket can be bought via the manufacturer as they usually have their official pages with listed products. Another option is visiting retailer’s pages such as Amazon and potentially find king-size electric blankets on clearance.

Prices Of King-Sized Heated Blankets

The price of the king-size heated blanket will be different. The price depends on the specific model and retailer. King-size heated blankets are normally a bit more expensive due to their size. However, you can always search for discounts.

Best 5 King-size Heated Blanket Models

Best Cheapest King-size Electric Blanket

Sunbeam King-size Quilted Fleece Electric Blanket

Material And Color  

The material of this heated king-size blanket is 100% polyester quilted fleece. The advantage of that material is that it is less likely to be slippery as some velvet plush blankets can be. This model is available in a dark blue color.

Sunbeam King-size Quilted Fleece Electric Blanket

Dual Controllers For The Blanket

Since this is a larger-sized blanket for two people, it comes with dual controllers. You can preheat your bed by choosing one of 10 settings on the controller. What is more, the controller will stop heating after 10 hours.

Therapeutic Electric Blanket

Sunbeam’s heated blankets are frequently designed for heating therapy. This king-size electric blanket can soothe aching muscles and relax your body if you suffer from anxiety attacks. It is also great for people with blood circulation issues.

Sunbeam King-size Quilted Fleece Electric Blanket review

Affordable King-size Heated Blanket

In comparison to other king-size heated blankets on the market, this is one of the cheapest models available. This is also the most affordable model of king-size heated blankets that are reviewed in the article.

Warranty For The Blanket  

In case you experience issues with your blanket, feel free to use your warranty rights. The warranty for electric blankets that Sunbeam offers will last you 5 years. Do not repair the blanket yourself if the warranty is still valid.


  • Can be used for therapy
  • Very soft material
  • 5-year warranty
  • Cheap heated blanket

Best Low Voltage King-size Heated Blanket

Serta Plush Fleece King-size Electric Blanket

Fabric And Colors

The fabric of the king-size heated blanket is a very soft and comfortable micro plush. In combination with ultra-thin wires, the material enables equal distribution of the heat. The blanket is available in the cloud, pearl and sapphire colors.

Serta’s Safe And Warm Electric Blanket

Available Sizes Of The Blanket

This model of heated blanket can be bought in all four standard sizes: full, twin, king, and queen. Larger sizes are queen and king. For a larger king-size, the exact dimensions of the electric blanket are 100x90in.

Controllers And Wires

For the king-size of the heated blanket, you will get dual controllers for two sides of the blanket. The controller offers 10 heating settings and 10 hours auto-off. Wires of the heated blanket are very thin and they are inside the blanket.

Serta’s Safe And Warm Electric Blanket review

Low Voltage Blanket Advantages

The king-size heated blanket has low-voltage technology that makes the blanket safe and economical to use. That is to say, the blanket does not require a lot of electricity. Also, it does not emit EMFs and it is safe for pets.

Washing Of The Blanket

Washing of the king-size blanket is not an issue. That is because you can put it in a washing machine. According to the manufacturer, if you wash it according to instructions in the manual the fabric will stay in its original state.


  • Available in king-size
  • Dual controllers for the blanket
  • Washing machine safe

Best Dual Control Electric Blanket King-size

Woolrich Plush Heated Blanket

Size And Material

You can buy the heated blanket in king, queen, full, twin, and additional throw size. The material of the blanket is reversible. One side if very light plush material and another side is Sherpa fabric. Nevertheless, the blanket is very light.

Woolrich  Electric Blanket with Two 20 Heat Level Setting Controllers

Variety Of Styles

If the aesthetics of the heated blanket for king-size bed are important to you, there are multiple styles available. Namely, if you like this comfortable electric blanket, you can buy it in seven different colors.

Cord And Controller Features

The cord that comes with the king-size electric blanket is 12 feet long with additional 6 feet of power cord. The cords are flexible and soft to make the blanket even cozier. The dual controller for the heated blanket has 20 levels of heating.

Woolrich  Electric Blanket with Two 20 Heat Level Setting Controllers REVIEW

Be Safe With This Blanket

This model of the king-size heated blanket is not only good for your budget but also safe to use. Namely, it does not emit almost any electromagnetic field emissions. What is more, the blanket will cease heating after 10 hours.

Do This In Case Of Issues

If customers o have any issues with the blanket, the issues are concerning the controllers. Use your 5-year warranty rights to solve such issues. You can send the blanket back to the retailer and they will solve your problem with the blanket.


  • Various colors available
  • Reversible heated blanket
  • Safe heated blanket
  • Very thin wires

Best King-size Electric Blanket On Sale

Sunbeam Luxurious Velvet Plush King Heated Blanket

Material Of The Blanket

The fabric of the electric blanket is incredibly soft velvet plush. Most customers use the blanket as a regular blanket because of its soft fabric. However, one disadvantage is that the blanket tends to be slippery.

Sunbeam Oversized Heated Throw review

Limited Size And Color

For this heated electric blanket for king-size bed, you can choose only one side and color. The only available a king-size’s dimension is 100x90in. The one color that is available for the king-size heated blanket is beige.

Auto-Off And Heating Settings

You can either preheat the bed using this blanket or sleep with the blanket on. That is because it will stop heating after 10 hours of use. What is more, the blanket has 20 heating settings that you can adjust to your needs.

Sunbeam Oversized Heated Throw

Save On The Utility Bill

Sunbeam’s blankets are known to be energy efficient and economical. According to the manufacturer, if you use this electric blanket for approximately 25 weeks during a year, you will save over a hundred dollars on your utility bill.

Price Of The Blanket

This electric king-size blanket is one of the models on the list that is of good quality and not too expensive. It is not a cheap heated blanket since it is a larger sized blanket, but you will get a good quality for the price offered.


  • 20 heating settings
  • Saves up on electricity bill
  • Quality heated blanket

Best King-size Electric Blanket 2018

Soft Heat Fleece Electric Blanket King

Material Of The Blanket

The material of the heated blanket is a very soft micro fleece material. That material has a lot of advantages when it is used for heated blankets. In other words, it will not slip off during the night and the heat will be properly distributed.

Soft Heat Perfect Fit Micro-Fleece Electric Blanket

Sizes And Colors You Can Buy

You can buy this model in any standard size that you need for your bed or sofa. The exact dimensions of the king-size heated blanket are 100x90in. Four colors that you can buy if you like this electric blanket are natural, slate blue, grey, and beige.

Heating Of The Blanket

The heating of the blanket is easy. You only have to cover your bed with the blanket, plug in the power cord and set the preferred heating level. You can also heat the electric blanket when you are covered with it.

Soft Heat Perfect Fit Micro-Fleece Electric Blanket review

Cleaning Of The Blanket

When you need to clean the heating blanket, you can use the washing machine. The blanket is of larger dimensions but it should fit in the washing machine. Also, separate the electric parts and wash them in warm water before tumble drying the blanket.

Non-Hazardous Heated Blanket

Most heated blankets on the market are not safe for pets. This model, however, is safe for your animals and it does not emit EMFs. That is because the electric blanket does not use a lot of electricity to operate.


  • All four sizes available
  • Low-maintenance heated blanket
  • Electric blanket safe for pets

Conclusion: Models Of King-size Electric Blanket That Are Worth It

If you need a model of electric heated king-size blanket that will not cost you a lot of money, I suggest Sunbeam King-size Quilted Fleece Electric Blanket. For another model that will save you a lot of money on electricity and ensure you safe experience, try low voltage Serta Plush Fleece King-size Electric Blanket.

If the article got you interested in electric blankets and you want to know more, I have more. Electric blankets can also be portable and therefore more practical. Read about cordless battery-operated heated blankets to find out more. In case you are interested in other sizes of electric blankets, read about full-size electric blankets.