Top 5 Kids Safe & Waterproof Electric Heated Blanket Reviews

Top 5 Kids Safe & Waterproof Electric Heated Blanket Reviews

Do you need a heated blanket that is suitable for your kids but also practical and waterproof?

The article reviews different models of an electric blanket that are safe for your children. These models of heated blankets are also easy to clean. Find out what should you pay attention to when buying a kid’s electric blanket.


Useful Tips For Finding The Best Blanket

Electric Blanket Safe For Kids

You need to check whether the blanket has several characteristics to determine if the blanket is safe for children. Namely, check if the heated blanket is not too large for your child, if the blanket is a low voltage blanket and has an auto-off after several hours.

Waterproof Material Of The Blanket

Most electric blankets on the market are not waterproof. However, some heated electric pads might be waterproof. It is more important that the heated blanket is a low-maintenance blanket.

Maintenance Of The Heated Blanket

Following kids-safe heated blanket models in the article are low-maintenance. That is to say, you can wash the electric blanket in a washing machine and some blankets can be dried using a dryer. You just need to use lower temperatures.

This Is Where You Can Buy A Heated Blanket

Heated blankets that are safe for children can be bought via official pages on the manufacturer. There are many manufacturers of electric blankets on the market and it can be tiresome to look up each website. That is why it might be a good idea to visit the Amazon website where there is all in one place.

Expensive And Inexpensive Blankets

Heated blankets that are safe for kids are generally speaking less expensive. That is due to their smaller dimensions. The price of the electric blanket is also dependent on the specific model, its features and a manufacturer.

Best 5 Children’s Waterproof Electric Blankets

Best Low Voltage Child Safe Electric Blanket

Perfect Fit’s Safe Plush Heated Blanket

Material Of The Kids-Safe Blanket

This heated blanket model that is safe for kids is made out of a very comfortable micro-plush. The fabric for the electric blanket for kids also comes in 5 different colors. What is more, the electric blanket has a recognizable triple rib design.

Perfect Fit’s Safe Plush Heated Blanket

Sizes Of The Blanket Available

The electric blanket comes in four different sizes. If you are buying the electric blanket for your kids, 2 sizes are suitable for your needs. Namely, you can buy either twin or full size of the heated blanket for your kid.

Controllers For Twin And Full Size

Electric Blankets that offer sizes twin and full ordinarily do not have dual controllers. However, this model has two controllers with 10 settings for each blanket. You can use the lower temperatures to ensure the safety of your children.

Perfect Fit’s Safe Plush Heated Blanket review

Washing Of The Blanket

Since your kids will be using the blanket, you might need to wash the blanket more frequently. However, do not worry, because you can wash this blanket in a washing machine. Just make sure that you carefully follow the instructions in the manual.

Low Voltage Of The Blanket

In comparison to some heated blankets, this heated blanket does not use more than 25v. That makes the kid’s electric blanket safer to the user as it reduces the chance of overheating. What is more, you will save up on your electricity.

Why Should You Buy It:

  • Very soft micro plush fabric
  • Available twin and full sizes
  • Easy to wash

Best Sunbeam Children’s Electric Blanket

Sunbeam Quilted Fleece Electric Blanket

Comfortable Electric Blanket

The material that is used for the kid’s heated blanket is a very soft quilted fleece. Another feature of the blanket that makes it comfortable and ideal for your children is cording. The cords are are thin and the child will not feel it.

Sunbeam Quilted Fleece Warming Blanket

Sizes And Colors

This electric blanket model suitable for children comes in a variety of colors and sizes. You have more than 5 colors to choose from. When it comes to sizes, I suggest a smaller twin or full sizes that should fit the bed of your child.

Affordable Heated Blanket

Sunbeam is a manufacturer that offers affordable heated blankets. The electric blanket will be cheaper if you buy the blanket for your kids. That is because you need a smaller size for your children.

Sunbeam Quilted Fleece Warming Blanket review

Features Of A Singular Controller

For twin and full-size electric blanket for kids, you will get one controller. The controller for the heated blanket has 10 different levels of heat. Also, the controller for the heated blanket stops heating after 10 hours of use for your safety.

Warranty For This Model

Some customers that used electric blanket report having trouble with electronic parts. Do not forget to register for the warranty for your electric blanket. You can do that on Sunbeam’s official pages. The warranty lasts 5 years.

Why Should You Buy It:

  • 5-year warranty
  • Cheap electric blanket
  • Auto-off feature of the controller
  • Multiple colors available

Best Child Safe Twin-Sized Electric Blanket

Perfect Fit’s Soft Heat Luxury Fleece Model

Fabric Of The Blanket

The fabric of this model of kid’s electric blanket is a 100% polyester luxury fleece. The choice of this fabric enabled evenly distributed warmth of the blanket. Also, the heated blanket is washable in a washing machine.

Soft Heat Perfect Fit Micro-Fleece Electric Blanket

Available Dimensions For Kids

For smaller beds that are suitable for children, there are full and twin sizes of the electric blankets available. The exact dimension for a full-size electric blanket for children is 77x84in and for the twin size, it is 62x84in.

Electrical Parts For The Blanket

Each electric blanket you order will come with a wire that is usually concealed in the blanket and a controller(s). Twin and full comes with one controller. The controller for this heated blanket has a ten-hour auto-off.

Soft Heat Perfect Fit Micro-Fleece Electric Blanket review

How To Use The Blanket

The blanket is an ideal electric blanket for kids because it is user-friendly. You can preheat the bed or a couch using this electric blanket for kids. The controllers for the heated blanket have a knob that you can turn to choose one of ten settings.

Features That Increase Safety

The main reason why this heated blanket is safe for children is its low voltage. That voltage is not dangerous and it will decrease the likelihood of overheating the blanket. The heated blanket also does not emit EMFs.

Why Should You Buy It:

  • Even distribution of the heat
  • 10 hours auto-off
  • User-friendly electric blanket

Best EMF Radiation Free Electric Blanket

Degrees Of Comfort’s Electric Blanket

Lightweight Heated Blanket

Two sizes of the heated blanket that might fit your kid’s bed available: twin and full are very light. That is because of the light micro plush fabric that the blanket consists of. That is, the weight of the twin-sized heated blanket is around 3 pounds.

Degrees Of Comfort’s Electric Blanket

Safe For Children

The electric blanket is safe for the children because the controller will stop the heat if the child falls asleep with a heating blanket. Also, the blanket’s controller will adjust the heat based on the surrounding heat. The blanket is also EMF free.

Who To Contact In Case Of issues

If you have any issues when using this electric blanket, you can use the manufacturer’s e-mail. Since the company is keeping up with the newest trends, you can also scan the code at the box of the heated blanket.

Degrees Of Comfort’s Electric Blanket review

Controller And Cord

The controller for this heated blanket for children is equipped with 20 settings. The cord is ultra-thin and makes the blanket even more comfortable. Also, the wire hidden in the electric blanket is 12.5 feet long.

Save Money Using This Blanket  

The electric blanket is an investment at first. However, it is a great quality heated blanket that will last you for a long time and will not alter if you wash it properly. Also, when using it, you will not have to heat your whole home.   

Why Should You Buy It:

  • Saves on the electricity bill
  • Very long cord
  • Approachable customer service
  • Lightweight heated blanket

Best Sunbeam’s Kids Safe Electric Blanket

Sunbeam’s Microplush Electric Blanket

Fabric For Warmth And Comfort

One reason why this heated blanket for children is very soft and warm is its micro push fabric. The fabric of the heated blanket enables equally distributed heat. That makes this electric blanket very warm but also comfortable.

Sunbeam’s Microplush Electric Blanket

Heated Blanket’s Controller Settings 

The controller for this child-safe heating blanket offers 10 different levels of heating. For younger users of the electric blanket, choose the lower settings on the controller. The controller also has a built-in cessation of heating.

How To Register Controller Defects

Controller defects are easily detectable with the Sunbeam heated blankets. That is to say if you notice that the light on the controller for the electric blanket is blinking red light that is a sign of a faulty controller.

Sunbeam Microplush Electric Blanket Throw review

Cleaning Of The Blanket

To clean the electric blanket, first, detach the controller from the blanket. After that, wash the blanket in a washing machine and use the lower settings and tumble dry the blanket. After washing, the blanket will dry quickly.

Disadvantages Noted By Users

Some of the issues that customers experienced are concerning the fabric of the blanket. Namely, the blanket is very soft but it can slip off. Other issues with the heated blanket are connected to faulty controllers.

Why Should You Buy It:

  • Easy to clean
  • Controller defects easily detectable
  • 10 different heating settings

Conclusion: Start With These Kids-Safe Electric Blankets

Mot every electric blanket on the market is safe for your kids. However, if you want to try models that have a low voltage feature, start with Perfect Fit’s Safe Plush Heated Blanket. For another heated blanket that combines safety and comfort for your kids, I recommend Sunbeam’s Microplush Electric Blanket.

Do you want to look further before you buy the best electric blanket for you? I have more articles available. If you need a heated blanket or throw that is of good quality but also affordable, read about electric throws on sale. Furthermore, if you need a larger blanket that will heat two sides independently, read about dual control electric king blanket.