Best 4 Perfect Fit Electric Heated Blankets & Throws Reviews

Are you looking for an electric blanket or throw that is ideal for you? The brand of electric blankets Perfect Fit might have just what you need.

The article goes into detail about different models of Perfect Fit’s warming blankets and throws. Additionally, it makes your decision easier because it lists their features and advantages.


The Perfect Fit Brand

  About The Perfect Fit Brand

The Perfect Fit offers various textile items for your home. They have been developing their technology since 1932. Their main facility is located in North Carolina but there are others in Georgia, California, and New York. They have a wide selection of electric products, bedding/furniture essentials, and wearable textile items to choose from.

 Where Will You Find Perfect Fit Products?

If you want to purchase electric blankets or throws made by this brand, browse their official website. However, look up other retailers such as Amazon as well. You may get a better deal if you buy the products from different retailers.

Prices Ranges Of Perfect Fit Heated Blankets

Heated blankets and throws vary when it comes to affordability. That is, different models will have different prices based on material and size. However, in comparison to other manufacturers of warming blankets and throws, they are among affordable but quality brands.

Warranty And Return Of Perfect Fit Products

Heated blankets and throws have an unconditional 5 or 3-year warranty, depending on the product. If your recently purchased heated blanket or throw does not work, you may return it. Perfect Fit enables customers to return the unsatisfactory product during 30 days. For more information concerning the return visit their official website.

Perfect Fit As A Customer-Centered Brand

Perfect Fit is a customer-centered brand. Their mission is to grand better sleep to every customer. If you have any questions or issues with a purchase, call their customer service or contact them via e-mail.

Top 4 Perfect Fit Products Reviews

Soft Heat Perfect Fit Micro-Fleece Electric Blanket

What Does The Purchase Include?

With this purchase, a customer gets a comfortable blanket, a cord and controllers. A cord is a very thin unnoticeable wire that makes the heated blanket practical and cozy. Twin and full sizes come with two controllers and bigger sizes such as king and queen come with 2 controllers.

Soft Heat Perfect Fit Micro-Fleece Electric Blanket

Colors and Material Of Heated Blankets

Soft Heat model of warming blanket comes in four different pastel colors. The textile of the blanket is very comfortable. That is because the blanket is made out of a very soft micro-fleece textile. The advantage of this material is that the blanket will be equally warm at different places when heated.

Dimensions Of Soft Heat Perfect Fit Blankets

Soft Heat offers sizes for your specific needs. That is to say, you have four different sizes to choose from. Sizes include twin, full, queen and king. For more information about dimensions use Perfect Fit’s official pages or retailers info concerning the product.

Soft Heat Perfect Fit Micro-Fleece Electric Blanket review

Easy Maintenance Of The Heated Blanket

This warming blanket does not need to be hand-washed. It can be cleaned using the washing machine and a dryer. However, your settings must include lukewarm water and low drying temperatures. With proper care, your heated blanket will stay soft and cozy for a long time. Also, take out controllers before cleaning your blanket.

Price Of The Soft Heat Blanket Model

New Soft Heat Perfect Fit electric blanket is affordable in comparison to other electric blankets on the market. Besides, if you buy from different retailers such as Amazon, you may get the model at an even lower price.

Short Description:

  • Very comfortable electric blanket
  • Low-maintenance of the blanket
  • Affordable blanket in comparison to others

Soft Heat Ultra Soft Plush Electric Blanket

Design And Material Of The Heated Blanket

Ultra Soft model of Soft Heat electric made by Perfect fit is very comfortable and low-maintenance design. The fabric is a micro plush which makes the blanket cozy even if it is not heated. What makes this model visually special is its Triple-Rib pattern. Also, there are four colors available.

Soft Heat Ultra Soft Plush Electric Blanket

Ultra Soft Plush Heated Blanket Cleaning

Maintenance of this model is not an issue. You can use your washing machine or dryer to take care of it. The quality of the fabric will not alter if you follow the instructions. But do not forget that you have to separate the controllers from the blanket.

Low-Voltage Heated Blanket

This model enables customers to save up on their energy bill with its low-voltage heating. That is due to its low-voltage technology that uses merely 25 Volts. In comparison to other manufacturer’s electric heated blankets, Perfect Fit’s technology changes 120 V AC into a much safer DC current. Because of the low voltage they need to operate, they can be used by pets of kids.

Soft Heat Ultra Soft Plush Electric Blanket review

Specification Of Controllers For Soft Heat Blanket

The electric blanket comes with 1 or 2 controllers. The number of controllers depends on the size of the electric blanket. Twin and full size have one controller. Bigger blanket dimensions such as queen and king have two controllers. They separately control two halves of the blanket. Controllers also have 10 heat settings to choose from.

Electric Blanket That Is Safe To Use

The safety of the electric blanket has a lot to do with its low-voltage. That feature will keep the blanket safe even when it is wet. Controllers also include off switch after 10 hours of use for added safety and easy use of the electric blanket.

Short Description:

  • Different design of the blanket
  • Easy to clean
  • Economical due to low-voltage
  • Safe to use

Perfect Fit Heated Snuggler Wrap Throw

Textile Specifications Of The Electric Throw

This model is made out of 100% polyester. The material of the throw is a very soft silky plush fabric. Fabric comes in 4 different colors; sand, navy, grey and chocolate. What is different about this model is that it is wearable.

Perfect Fit Heated Snuggler Wrap Throw

Limited Sizes Of The Throw

There is only one available size of the throw and its dimensions are 50″ x 60″. Nevertheless, because of its large size, it fits most adults.

Electric Throw Maintenance

Equal to Perfect Fit blankets, this throw is easy to maintain regardless of differences. You may use awashing machine and a dryer. Just be mindful of the proper settings and remember to separate the controllers.

Perfect Fit Heated Snuggler Wrap Throw review

Controllers For The Perfect Fit Wearable Throw

The throw comes with only one controller. Unlike electric blankets, the throw has limited settings on the controller. Namely, it features only 5 settings. The controller comes with a 14.6’ wire that is not noticeable. For customer’s safety, heating shuts after 4 hours of use.

Inexpensive Perfect Fit Heated Throw  

In comparison to Perfect Fit blankets that were previously elaborated on, this throw is inexpensive. It is more than half a price in comparison to Perfect Fit heated blankets. However, this model is affordable even in comparison to other manufacturer’s electric blankets.

Short Description:

  • Very soft silky plush material
  • Wearable throw that fits all
  • Inexpensive throw in comparison to others

Perfect Fit Soft-heat Smart Heated Electric Mattress Pad

Micro Plush Top Style Of Heated Mattress

There are two available styles of the Perfect Fit Heated Mattress. The first style is the Micro Plush Top. It is made out of micro-velour material. The second one is a Waterproof electric mattress. It is made mostly out of polyester and a small amount of cotton. They are both safe and have identical features listed below.

Perfect Fit Soft-heat Smart Heated Electric Mattress Pad

Dimensions Of The Heated Mattress

The mattress comes in five different sizes; twin, full, queen, king, and California king. For exact measurements, check out Perfect Fit’s official pages or retailer’s product information.

Heating Of Perfect Fit Electric Mattress

Perfect Fit uses similar low voltage technology that is applied to their blankets and throws. Heating is adjusted with controllers that have 10 different settings. Heat is distributed equally due to 6 very thin cords in the mattress.

Perfect Fit Soft-heat Smart Heated Electric Mattress Pad review

Heated Perfect Fit Mattress Cleaning

Even though the electric mattress is thicker, it can be easily maintained. That is, it can be cleaned using a washing machine and when it dies it will not change its original shape. Just as with the electric blankets and throws, do not forget to remove controllers and wires before cleaning.

Heated Mattress Safe For Pets And Children

This comfortable and soft heated mattress can be used by pets and children. It is safe due to its low-voltage. The heating also automatically shuts off after 10 hours to prevent overheating of the mattress.

Short Description:

  • Evenly distributed heat
  • Safe for children and animals
  • Easy to clean
  • Two different styles available

Parts For Perfect Fit Heated Blankets/Throws

Having an issue with Perfect Fit controls or cords and need a replacement? There is no limit on how many times you can send your product for repair. That is, as long as your warranty is still valid. After your warranty expires, find the Perfect Fit electric blanket replacement cord or controller online. Spare parts are available for order on Perfect Fit’s official website or different retailers such as Amazon.

Perfect Fit Electric Blankets and Throws Manual

Warming blankets and throws made by Perfect Fit company are user-friendly and low-maintenance. However, if you have any questions concerning the use or cleaning or your blanket, there is a manual available online. The manual can be found on their official pages.

Conclusion: Why Are Perfect Fit Blankets/Throws A Good Investment?

Looking for a heated blanket or throw? Perfect Fit has a model for your every need. If you need a soft electric blanket for your kids and pets, I suggest Soft Heat Ultra Soft Plush Electric Blanket. For cold days in the office, there is a wearable Perfect Fit Heated Snuggler Wrap Throw.

Still not sure and want to read further about electric blankets and throws? You might want to read my article about the best rated electric blankets or the best electric blankets. If Perfect Fit got you interested in low voltage electric blankets, read the article that covers 12v heated blankets.