Best 5 Safest Electric Heated Blankets To Buy In 2022 Reviews

Best 5 Safest Electric Heated Blankets To Buy In 2020 Reviews

Are you looking for a heated blanket but are not sure if it is safe for you? This article will help you find the safest blanket.

You will know which models and manufacturers are the best and what to be careful of when buying a blanket.


Crucial Characteristics Of Safe Heated Blankets

Low Voltage Electric Blanket

If you want to make sure that the electric blanket you are buying is safe, check the voltage. Electric blankets that are the safest will have a lower voltage. That means searching for heated blankets that are around 12.

Suitable Blankets For Pets And Children

There are not many electric blanket models your pets and children can use. Some of the reasons the electric blanket might not be safe for them is a possibility of overheating, burns, high voltage, lack of auto-off options, etc.

Potential Issues With A Blanket

With each blanket you purchase comes a possibility of issues. Most customers report issues with electric parts of the blanket. That is, cords and controllers. They are prone to breaking and can be hazardous for you.

Where Can You Find The Blanket?

Search for the safe electric blankets online. Different manufacturers of heated blankets will have their official websites and their products will be available there. You can buy their products from different retailers such as Amazon as well.

Prices Of Electric Blankets

In many cases, a higher price of the blanket means better quality and better products overall. Electric blanket prices will vary depending on who made them and where are you buying them. Size and specific model also might affect the price.

Sleeping With Electric Blanket On

Customers frequently ask if you can sleep with a heated blanket on. You can sleep on top of a heated blanket if the blanket is low voltage. Also, it is ok to sleep with an electric blanket on if the controller(s) have a built-in automatic shut-off.

Best 5 Safest Electric Blankets

Best Low Voltage Heated Blanket

Perfect Fit’s Soft Plush Blanket

Aesthetic Features Of The Blanket

If you are looking for a specific color for your electric blanket, do not worry. This model of the electric blanket has four different color options. Also, the design of the blanket has a distinguishable rib feature that will make your blanket stand out.

Soft Heat Ultra Soft Plush Electric Blanket

Sizes Of The Blanket

If you have a large of smaller dimensions of bed that you plan to cover with the blanket, this model of best and safest electric blankets has it all. If you need a heated blanket for a larger bed, buy queen or king size. I suggest purchasing twin or full size for smaller beds.

Low Voltage Of The Electric Blanket

One of the features that make this model of heated blanket safe is its low voltage. Namely, the heated blanket utilizes only .01 and .10 of kilowatts in one night. Its DC current was also estimated as one that has the least EMF’S.

Soft Heat Ultra Soft Plush Electric Blanket review

Controllers For This Model

Depending on the size that you choose, you will get a singular or dual controller. Dual controllers come with queen and king sizes and they will heat two sizes of the blanket differently. The controller will stop warming after a set number of hours to keep you safe.

Certified As Safe

According to their official website, this is the only heated blanket that is confirmed not to be dangerous by UL. Therefore, the blanket is safe for pets. Also, it can be out on any surface such as a bed, or sofa.


  • Multiple sizes to choose from
  • Safe for your pets
  • Dual controllers for large blankets
  • UL certified electric blanket

Best Child-Safe Electric Blanket

Trust Papa’s Electric Blanket

Heated Blanket’s Material

The fabric of the heated blanket is fleece. The electric blanket model is also 100% polyester and very cozy and soft. You will use the blanket even when there is no need to heat it. Special material also ensures it will be heated evenly.

Trust Papa’s Electric Blanket

Size And Colors

This electric blanket comes in only one size. That size of the electric blanket is oversized 50x64in. That size fits adults and children. The model offers 5 different light-colored blankets.

Heating Settings On Controller

The controller features of the blanket are one of the features that make it safe to use. Namely, the blanket has a controller with options of three different levels of heat. And you can fall asleep when wearing it because it has a built-in auto-off after 2 hours.

Trust Papa’s Electric Blanket review

Safe For Kids

The heated blanket is on the list of ETL certified blankets. That means that it satisfied their safety standards. Also, its low voltage means that the heated blanket can be used by kids and animals. Since it operated on 11-120 volts, it will not overheat.

Wearable Electric Blanket

One of the different features of this heated blanket is that its users can wear it. This safest electric blanket is designed in a way that it features sleeves and can be worn as a vest.


  • Low voltage blanket
  • Can be worn
  • ETL certified blanket
  • Safe for kids to use
  • Comes in different styles

Best Pet-Safe Heated Blanket

Perfect Fit’s Safe And Warm Heated Blanket

Very Comfortable Heated Blanket

What makes this model of heated blanket very comfortable are its thin wires and the fabric. Namely, the cords that are hidden in the blanket are not even noticeable. The blanket is made out of very soft microfleece fabric.

Soft Heat Perfect Fit Micro-Fleece Electric Blanket

User-Friendly Electric Blanket

If you plan to gift the blanket to someone else or are not good with technology, do not worry. The blanket is easy to use. It is a matter of covering the bed and using the controllers to set the right temperature.

Safe Low Voltage Blanket

This model of the blanket is safe for your pets and children. The low voltage of the electric blanket is one of the features that ensure it is ok to sleep with your heating blanket on all night. The blanket is safe even in the case of moisture.

Soft Heat Perfect Fit Micro-Fleece Electric Blanket review

Easy to Clean The Blanket

This user-friendly heated blanket is also easy to maintain. You can put it in a washing machine and even a drier. Just make sure that you follow the instructions that are written in the manual. In that way, the blanket will stay in its original state.

Warranty For The Blanket

In case of any issues that you might experience with the blanket, Perfect Fir Company offers its users a warranty. The warranty for this model of the heated blanket will last you 5 years. Fill in the data on their official pages to activate your warranty rights.


  • Thin wires of the blanket
  • Easy to use the blanket
  • Low-maintenance blanket
  • 5-year warranty

Best 25v Electric Blanket

Micro Fleece Perfect Fit Electric Blanket

Fabric Of The Blanket

The electric heated blanket is made out of incredibly soft and comfortable micro-fleece fabric. That fabric of the heated blanket is also 100% polyester. What makes the fabric ideal for the heated blanket is that the material enables equal distribution of the heat.

Micro Fleece Perfect Fit Electric Blanket

25v Electric Blanket

According to the Perfect Fit’s official page, their heated blankets need much less voltage than other blankets. That is, their heated blankets use less than 25 volts. That is excessively reduced in comparison to other blankets that use 120v.

Sleeping With A Blanket

Many customers wonder whether you can sleep with this electric blanket if it is on. Because of the low voltage that the blanket uses in order to operate, you do not need to worry. Also, controllers have a feature because of which the blanket will stop the heat after 10 hours of use.

Micro Fleece Perfect Fit Electric Blanket review

Controllers For This Model

Depending on the size of the electric blanket, you will get two or one controller(s). Controllers are easy to use and you just need to turn the big blue button. Also, compared to other blanket controller, this one is not loud.

Special Cord For A Blanket

This blanket has 75% thinner cords that are in the electric blanket. Also, the socket for this heated blanket is smaller and it will not be in your way when you sleep.


  • You can sleep with a blanket
  • User-friendly controllers
  • Very thin cords

Best Safe Queen Size Electric Blanket

Serta’s Safe And Warm Electric Blanket

Colors And Dimensions

This model of the hated blankets comes in four different pastel colors. If the size of the heated blanket is important for you, this model covers all. Depending on the size of your sofa or mattress, you can choose twin, full, queen and king.

Serta’s Safe And Warm Electric Blanket

Built-In Auto-Off For A Blanket

One of the reasons the blanket is safe to use is that it has a built-in auto-off. Namely, the blanket will cease heating after 10 hours of use. In that way, you are safe when you sleep with an electric blanket on.

How To Clean The Blanket

The electric blanket is not problematic for cleaning. That is because the heated blanket can be simply washed in a washing machine. However, you might need to adjust the setting on your washing machine.

Serta’s Safe And Warm Electric Blanket review

Blanket Safe For Pets

You and your pets can sleep on top of a heated blanket and it will be safe. That is due to the previously mentioned auto-off and alow voltage of the blanket. So do not worry and sleep with your electric blanket on all night.

Aid For Sore Muscles

You can use this model of one of the safest electric blankets for heating therapy. Namely, if you tend to have soreness after a work-out, the blanket might help. The warmth of the blanket will soothe your muscles.


  • All sizes available
  • Low maintenance blanket
  • Safe for animals
  • Can be therapeutic

Conclusion: Which Safe Electric Blanket Should You Opt For?

Multitudes of heated blankets options can leave you feeling oversaturated with information. If you want to start with a safe and comfortable option, I suggest this model: Micro Fleece Perfect Fit Electric Blanket. If you need something that is animals-friendly, I suggest Perfect Fit’s Safe And Warm Heated Blanket.

For more electric blankets options and advice, read my other articles. Do not worry if you have a budget. They deal with different categories, one of them being cheap electric blankets. In case you want something different and more practical, read about battery-operated electric blankets.