Best 5 Office Electric Heated Desk Blankets In 2022 Reviews

Best 5 Office Electric Heated Desk Blankets In 2020 Reviews

Do you need a blanket that is portable and does not take much space in your office?

Or are you looking for a gift for a friend who is always cold?

If your answer is affirmative, read my article about different models of heated desk blankets ideal for the office. You will find out a lot about their pros and cons.


Focus On These Specs Of Heated Blankets For Office

Material Of The Electric Blanket

Considering that you spend many waking hours in your workspace, you need something comfortable. Different manufacturers offer different models and materials for electric blankets. Read that technicality as you might use the blanket even when it is not on.

Features Of Controllers For The Blanket

Each electric blanket for your office comes with controllers. They are used to regulate heat and each model comes with different features. Most heated desk blankets will come with a singular controller due to their bigger dimensions.

Safety Of The Heated Desk Blanket

Most products that are available online are ETL certified and safe to use. They also have auto-off after several hours of use. However, some models of inexpensive warming blankets have proven to be hazardous. Always read customer reviews and check if they are safe for your pets and medical conditions.

Where Is Your Heated Blanket Available?

Electric blanket manufacturers regularly have their official websites. You can purchase their products directly via these sites. However, you can also find their product on the websites of different retailers such as Amazon. In that way, you might get additional discounts.

Prices Of Heated Desk Blankets

Electric blankets that are meant to be used in an office are less expensive. That is due to their smaller dimensions and practicality. They are portable and usually can be neatly stored in your office.  However, prices will vary depending on the model, manufacturer, retailer or other factors.

Best 5 Electric Blankets For The Office

Best Heated Shawl For Office

Kingwolfox Electric Shawl & Wrap

Limited Choice Of Styles

There are not many versions of visual styles for this model of warming office shawl. The electric shawl is available in two darker colors. These heated desk shawl colors are black and brown. They come in one dimension: 7,87X5.51in.

Kingwolfox Electric Shawl & Wrap

Heating Technology Of Electric Shawl

The Kingwolfox uses carbon fiber heating technology for this electric shawl model. That type of technology emits infrared rays when using the electric wrap. As a result, one advantage of the heated shawl is better blood circulation.

Inexpensive Warming Blanket

This modern electric shawl and wrap is affordable. That is, compared to other models that are offered by the same manufacturer of electric warming products. In addition, the warming desk shawl is also not that pricey in comparison to other manufacturers and their products.

Kingwolfox Electric Shawl & Wrap review

Connect It To A Computer

This model of warming desk shawl can be connected to the computer with USB. In that way, you can manage the heat of an electric shawl easier when you work at the desk. The length of the USB cable is 47 in.

Electric Wrap IdealFor The Office

This Kingwolfox electric shawl is an ideal one for the office. That is due to the heated wrap’s size. Namely, it comes in one size that you can put in your lap. Also, it is practical to store in a limited space. Maintenance is also easy as you can take out electrical parts of the blanket and use the washing machine.


  • Inexpensive electric shawl
  • Carbon fiber heating technology
  • Can be connected to a computer
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Available in black and brown

Best Heated Lap Blanket For Office

Sunbeam Fleece Throw/Blanket

Material OfThe Heated Blanket

The fabric of a heated blanket is very cozy and soft fleece. Because of that specific material of the electric blanket, the heated it distributed evenly. Besides, the material is very wary is comfortable. That is why most users will use the blanket even when it is not warmed.

Sunbeam Fleece ThrowBlanket

Colors And Dimension Available

There are many colors and prints available for this electric heated desk blanket/ throw. You can choose out of seven different prints and designs of the heated office blanket. When it comes to dimensions, the warming desk blanket comes in only one size. Dimensions of that size are50″ x 60″.

Blanket That Is Easy To Use

This sunbeam electric lap blanket for your office is easy to use. You can preheat the heated blanket for the office before using it or adjust the warmth as you use it. It is advisable to preheat your chair before you use the heated throw.

Sunbeam Fleece ThrowBlanket review

Washing Machine And Drier Safe

If you are worried about the maintenance of the blanket, know that you do not have to hand-wash it. The electric blanket can be cleaned using the washing machine. Also, it can be dried in the dryer. However, for more information about the exact temperatures, consult the manual.

Characteristics Of Controller

The controller for the heated lap blanket is also easy to use. Choose one of the three settings available on the controller and you will see which the preferred one is over some time. Do not worry if you fall asleep or forget the electric lap blanket on your office desk. The controllers have auto-off after 3 hours.


  • User-friendly electric blanket
  • Easy to clean
  • Auto-off after several hours

Best Heated Desk Blanket

USB Heated Lap And Shawl Blanket

Very Soft Material

The electric lap blanket is made out of extremely soft and cozy plush velour. That material is covering the heating pad that keeps your heated lap blanket warm. In addition, the material of the heated blanket is 100% polyester.

USB Heated Lap And Shawl Blanket

Singular Color And Size Available

The warming blanket for your lap comes in a solely darker blue color. As for size, there is only one dimension of an electric blanket for office you can purchase; 31X17in. That dimension is perfect for you if you are looking for a smaller electric blanket to cover your lap shoulders and similar.

Use The USB For Heating

The heating of the electric lap blanket is done with the aid of a USB. Namely, you may plug the USB into your computer, laptop, or anything that has a USB port. The USB cord for an electric lap blanket is 48 inches long.

USB Heated Lap And Shawl Blanket review

Warming Of The Electric Blanket

In order to keep yourself warm with an electric lap blanket, use one or two USB cables. If you want to achieve a higher level of heat, plug dual UBS cords. If that is too warm for your lap blanket, plug only one USB.

Some Downsides That Customers Report

Features that some dissatisfied customers report predominantly concern the USB controller. Namely, there were complaints that they are not long-lasting. Also, some customers would prefer a wider selection of sizes and colors.


  • USB heated blanket
  • Very comfortable material
  • Ideal size for the office
  • Singular available color

Best Small Heated Pad For Office

LBAFS’ Small Warming Blanket /Pad

Comfort Of The Special Material

LBAFS’ electric pad is made out of plush fabric that is very soft to touch and comfortable to use. The fabric of the close-fitting heated pad ensures it will not slide off. Also, the material of an electric pad heats your desk quickly.

LBAFS’ Small Warming Blanket Pad

Controller Settings ForThe Pad

This small heating pad comes with a singular controller. The controller for the electric pad has six different heating settings available. In addition, you can also preset the timer up to two hours and continue with the work at your office.

Quality Oriented Company

The quality of the heating products is important for the LBAF company. Their warming products, such as this heating pad, have high ratings on Amazon. They will be there for you in case you experience any issues with their products.

LBAFS’ Small Warming Blanket Pad review

Available Customer Service

As it was mentioned, LBAFS’ is a quality-oriented company. That is why they ensure the customer service that will take care of any issue with the heating lap pad. They will solve your issue in a timeframe of 24-hours.

Easy to Maintain the Pad

Use the washing machine to maintain a hated pad. Just be careful to clean it lightly using temperature not higher than 30 ° C. Also, electric parts of the pad can be removed. Do not forget to detach them before putting the pad in the washing machine.


  • Low-maintenance warming blanket
  • 6 heating settings
  • dedicated customer service

Best Small Heated Blanket For Office

QLAT’s Heated Knee Pads

Comfortable And Practical Fabric

The material of the heated desk blanket is crystal velvet. The fabric ensures your comfort and keeps you warm very fast after the heat adjustment. One of the many advantages of the fabric is that it prevents the desk blanket from slippage.

QLAT’s Heated Knee Pads

Colors And Sizes Of A Desk Blanket

This model of a small electric blanket for office is available in one size that is perfect to cover a smaller part of your body. That makes it perfect to use at your desk. The dimension of the heated desk pad id 39, 37in. The electric desk pad comes in one color; dark blue.

Desk Blanket Safe to Use

Auto-off controllers for the heated blanket for office ensure your safety. Namely, you can choose out of three different heat settings for your blanket; moderate, comfortable and warm. After you set the warming desk blanket to your favorite setting, you can relax. That is due to built-in auto-off after 90 minutes.

QLAT’s Heated Knee Pads review

Clean The FabricWith Ease

The heated desk blanket comes with electrical parts such as a connector. However, the heated desk blanket is nevertheless easy to clean. That is because you can remove the connector and wash it in a washing machine.

PracticalityOf The Blanket

Because of the one available size that is portable and easy to clean, the small heated blanket for office blanket is very practical. You will be using it in the office, at home or any other occasion or place.


  • Does not slide off
  • Waterproof connectors for the blanket
  • Auto-off after several hours
  • Practical desk blanket

Conclusion: Which Electric Blanket For You Office Should You Buy?

If you do not know much about electric blankets and want to buy your first heated blanket for office, I suggest a user-friendly Sunbeam Fleece Throw/Blanket. In case you want to warm up a specific part of your body, Kingwolfox Electric Shawl & Wrap is a good choice.

If you are interested in other electric heated blankets, read my other articles. They cover the best deals on electric blankets but also top-rated electric blankets. If you want to save on your utility bill, you might want to read more on low voltage electric blankets and you can even check out the deals on cheap electric blankets.