Top 5 Fleece Electric Heated Throw & Blanket In 2022 Reviews

Top 5 Fleece Electric Heated Throw & Blanket In 2020 Reviews

Are you having trouble to keep yourself warm during the cold seasons? Read this article to find out how a heated fleece blanket might help.

The article elaborates on various fleece electric blanket models. You will also have a better insight into important characteristics heated blankets you should focus on when buying a blanket.


Look Up These Heated Blanket Characteristics

The Material Of The Heated Blanket

If you are looking for a specific fabric such as fleece for your electric blanket, the material is important to you. The fleece material for the heated blankets and throws makes the electric blankets very soft, low-maintenance and safe to use.

Controller(s) And Cord

Depending on the size of your electric heated fleece blanket, you will get double or a singular controller for the blanket. The controller for the electric heated fleece throw usually has 3-20 heating settings and an auto-off feature.

Customer Service Of Various Manufacturers

There is a possibility you will have issues with your electric fleece throw. In that case, you can contact the manufacturer via their customer service. Most companies have e-mails, free telephone number or the possibility of contact via their official website.

Where Can You Purchase The Blanket

Electric heated fleece throws are available via official websites of a chosen manufacturer. Another option is to purchase a heated blanket via sites of retailers. Retailers such as Amazon often offer better deals on their websites.

Affordability Of The Heated Fleece Throw

The price of the electric heated fleece blankets varies. Their affordability will depend on the manufacturer, retailers you choose, size of the heated throw, complexity of technology, etc. All in all, bigger and the best quality blanket will naturally be pricier but a better investment long-term.

Best 5 Heated Fleece Throw Blankets

Best Single Fleece Electric Blanket

Sunbeam Chill Away Heated Fleece Wrap

Material Of The Heated Throw

The material of the heated blanket and throw is a very comfortable heated fleece material. The fleece material of the electric wrap throw is also 100% polyester. You will be warm even if you use this electric blanket as a regular blanket.

Sunbeam Royalmink Throw

Size And Colors You Can Buy

Sizes and colors for this heated fleece throw are limited. The size for the heated fleece blanket is a singular 27x57in size. That size fits one person. When it comes to the colors of a heated throw, you can purchase only garnet and sand styles.

Electric Parts Of The Fleece Throw

The singular heated fleece throw comes with a singular controller and two cords. One cord is a power- cord and another is for the controller. The controller for the heated fleece throw has four heating settings and an auto-off feature.

Sunbeam Royalmink Throw review

Cleaning Of The Fleece Throw

Most heated fleece blankets you can buy are low maintenance and can be put in a washing machine. That is to say unless they are reversible and include other materials. Before washing the heated fleece blanket, read the instructions in the manual.

Warranty For The Fleece Blanket

The warranty that you can get for this heated electric fleece blanket will last you for 5 years. After you register for the warranty on Sunbeam’s official website, you will be able to see which defects the warranty covers.


  • Very soft fleece material
  • 5-year warranty for the throw
  • 4 levels of heating settings

Best Fleece Electric Blanket Queen

Beautyrest Micro Fleece Heated Blanket

Comfortable Heated Blanket

This model of a heated electric blanket features a very soft and comfortable microfleece material. Besides this feature of the heated fleece blanket, what makes it comfortable are its wires. That is to say, they are tin and unnoticeable.

Beautyrest Micro Fleece Heated Blanket

Dimensions Of The Blanket Available

Beautyrest electric fleece throw and the blanket is available in all four sizes. These sizes are twin, full, queen and, king size for the bed. Depending on dimensions of your mattress or couch, Beautyrest has you covered.

Innovative Technology Of The Blanket

New and innovative technology that Beautyrest uses when designing their blanket make their blanket high quality and safe to use. The characteristic of this throw’s innovative technology is that it will adapt its heating based on the surrounding heat.

Beautyrest Micro Fleece Heated Blanket review

Controller(s) For The Electric Blanket

Dual (king and queen sizes), or singular controllers (twin and full) for the electric microfleece heated throw have 20 available heating settings. What is more, it has the timer that will cease the heating after 10 hours of use.

What To Do In Case Of Defects?

Beautyrest offers very friendly and helpful customer service. In case you notice any defects with your heated fleece blanket, contact Beautyrest’s free number. For this model of the heated blanket, you can also get a warranty that expires after 5 years.


  • Available in all four sizes
  • 20 heating settings available
  • 5-year warranty
  • Approachable customer service

Best Soft Heat Microfleece Electric Blanket

Perfect Fit Microfleece Warming Blanket

Material And Size

The material of the Perfect Fit’s warming blanket is a 100% polyester microfleece. Alongside with the very thin wires that are in the blanket,  that material makes this blanket one of the most comfortable around. There is one available king size.

Perfect Fit Microfleece Warming Blanket

Controller And Its Features

Considering that one available size of the heated throw is king, you get a dual controller for this blanket. That is because the controller can independently heat two sides of the blanket.  The controller has 20 heating levels and 10 hours auto-off.

Cleaning Of The Blanket

The cleaning of the heated microfleece blanket can be done in a washing machine. However, you will need to take out the controller and carefully follow the cleaning instructions. That is, use the lower settings on the machine.

Perfect Fit Microfleece Warming Blanket review

Low-Voltage Blanket

One of the advantages of this king-sized electric blanket is that is operates using a low-voltage. That makes the heated fleece blanket safer for use and you will be able to save money when using the heated blanket.

Safe Electric Fleece Blanket

Due to the previously mentioned low-voltage of this model of an electric fleece blanket, the blanket is safe for pets. That distinguished this blanket because most heated blankets are not suitable for pets. The blanket also does not emit EMF.


  • Low voltage blanket
  • King size fleece blanket
  • 10 hours auto-off

Best Fleece Electric Blanket With Double Controllers

Serta Luxe Plush Micro Fleece Electric Blanket

Colors And Material

The material that this model of the electric blanket is made out of is a very soft plush fleece material. That material is also 100% polyester. If you like this model of the fleece heated blanket, it comes in a cloud, pearl, and sapphire color.

Serta’s Safe And Warm Electric Blanket

Dual Controllers For The Blanket

For the heated plush fleece blanket, you can choose the king, queen, twin, or full size. If you need double controllers for the blanket, buy it in sizes king or queen. Controllers for the heated fleece blanket will stop the heat after 10 hours of use.

Non-Hazardous Electric Blanket

The heated fleece blanket is safe to use due to its low-voltage. What is more, it will not emit EMFs. The auto-ff characteristic of the controller that was previously mentioned will also keep you safe if you fall asleep with your blanket on.

Serta’s Safe And Warm Electric Blanket review

Expensive Heated Fleece Blanket

This Serta’s model for the fleece heated blanket is the most expensive on this list of the best heated blankets. Also, it is more expensive than other manufacturer’s models on the market. That is especially true if you buy the largest sizes.

Cleaning Of The Heated Throw

The fabric of the heated throw will not change if you wash it in a washing machine. However, you will need to wash the blanket at a lower temperature and after that tumble-dry the blanket. Also, separate the controller from the blanket.


  • Pricey heated blanket
  • All four sizes available
  • Safe heated throw
  • Low-maintenance of the blanket
  • Low-voltage electric blanket

Best Cheap Reversible Heated Fleece Blanket

Serta’s Sherpa And Fleece Blanket

The Fabric Of The Warming Blanket

If you cannot decide on the fabric preference but want an electric blanket, this model has a reversible side. That is to say, this Serta’s electric warming blanket has soft fleece or Sherpa fabric. The Fleece heated blanket warms on both sides so you can choose which one you like most.

Serta’s Reversible Heated Throw

Multiple Styles Of The Blanket

The heated fleece throw comes in six styles you can buy. These six styles of the electric fleece throw are beige chocolate, cobalt, gray, red pepper, or slate blue. Therefore, you may choose the darker tones or lighter, depending on what suits your needs.

Serta’s Heating Technology

Serta’s products are easy to use. For this model of the heated throw, you get the controller that has 5 settings of heat you may choose from. What is more, an 8.5in power cord that is hidden in the blanket enables equally distributed heat.

Serta’s Reversible Heated Throw review

Affordable Warming Fleece Throw

Due to its singular size (50x60in), this warming fleece throw is among the cheapest ones. That is, in comparison to larger throws but also similar-sized heated fleece throws. However, you will get a quality throw for the right price with this model.

Warranty Of The Throw

In case you have issues with the malfunctioning of the controller or any other defects, you can use the warranty. The warranty for the heated fleece throw will last you 3 years. However, it may not cover every defect.


  • Reversible soft fabric
  • Variety of colors available
  • Cheap heated throw
  • 3-year warranty for the blanket

Conclusion: Which Heated Fleece Throw Blanket To Buy?

There are many quality fleece electric blankets you can purchase online. If you need a heated fleece throw that will be big enough to cover 2 people, I suggest Serta Luxe Plush Micro Fleece Electric Blanket. In case you seek a safe low voltage electric fleece blanket, Perfect Fit Microfleece Warming Blanket has got you covered.

I have more articles about the best electric blankets that might interest you. Read about a low voltage electric blanket if you need a blanket that will be safe and pet-friendly. If your needs include practicality of the blanket that you can take with you on the camping trip or use in your car, read about cordless battery operated heated blankets.