5 Best 12V Electric Heated Blanket To Choose In 2022 Reviews

Do you need a blanket to keep you warm when you are on the road?

This article might help you find the model of 12v heated blanket that will cover all your needs.

Namely, the article focuses on 12v electric blankets. Some low voltage electric blankets are designed for your home and some will be ideal for your vehicle.


Characteristics OfBest 12 Volt Electric Blankets

Material Of Heated Blankets

Most 12 heated blankets are intended for vehicles. You will be using them for long periods when you travel so they must be that they are comfortable. What is more, check if the material is low-maintenance, durable and retains heat well.

Safe Heated Blankets

Indicators that your electric blanket will be safe are the low voltage of the blanket, auto-off, and low EMFs.Some heated blankets that have low EMFs can be even safe for your pets. Features such as low voltage and auto-off will prevent overheating of the blanket.

Blankets Suitable For Your Vehicle

Such low voltage electric blankets also come with a plug that is suitable for any vehicle. The low voltage characteristics make them safe to use outside your home. It is also important that the blankets do not take up a lot of space and can be folded.

Inexpensive 12v Electric Blankets

Electric blankets that are low voltage such as 12v blankets will not be expensive. One reason is also that such heated blankets usually come in smaller sizes. However, the prices will vary due to various manufacturers and retailers.

Where Can You Find Electric Blankets

Electric blankets that are low voltage are available on official sites of their manufacturers. Another option is buying the blanket from the retailer such as Amazon. Retailers are a good option because they offer frequent discounts.

5 Best 12V Heated Blanket Reviews

Best Portable 12 Volt Electric Blanket

Big Hippo Heated 12V Blanket

Material And Colors

The material of this low voltage heated blanket is long-lasting polyester. The blanket’s material is additionally insulated because the heated low voltage blanket is intended for outdoor.  The color of the heated blanket is limited to black.

Big Hippo Heated 12V Blanket

Size Of The Blanket Available

The electric blanket is available in only one size. Dimensions of that size of the 12v electric blanket are 58x41in. According to the manufacturer, the heated blanket is large enough to cover at least two people.

Heating Of The Blanket

The heating of this low voltage electric car blanket is easy. You will just have to plug the cord of the heated blanket into the cigarette lighter that most vehicles have. The blanket has rapid heating and it heats as long as you do not unplug it.

Big Hippo Heated 12V Blanket review

Safe Low Voltage Blanket

The electric blanket is low voltage. Because of that, the blanket is safer than other traditional electric blankets as it is less likely to overheat. Nevertheless, you will have to unplug the electric blanket when you are not using it.

Use It Indoors And Outdoors

The low voltage heated blanket is multi-purpose. That is to say, when you buy the heated blanket, it will come with an adapter that you can use in your domestic facilities or outdoor. The blanket is also ideal for any vehicle that has the right outlet.


  • Blanket covers two people
  • Less likely to overheat
  • Easy to use
  • Low voltage heated blanket

Best 12v Electric Heated Car Blanket

Stalwart 12v Electric Heated Car Blanket

The Fabric And Its Advantages

The fabric of this low voltage electric car blanket is a fleece. That fabric is great for your road trips in your car because it is easy to clean, it will last you for a long time and it does not weigh a lot. In addition, it preserves the heat well.

Stalwart 12v Electric Heated Car Blanket

Size And Weight

One size is available for this 12v electric car blanket. Namely, you can buy the size that is 59x43in. That size of the heated blanket is just right for one person. The blanket is also lightweight because of its smaller dimensions and fabric.

Styles Of The Blanket

For this model of heated blankets, you can choose 5 different colors of the plaid style. You can buy a red, blue, green, white, or orange plaid blanket. This blanket is affordable. However, the price varies depending on the style you choose.

Stalwart 12v Electric Heated Car Blanket review

Electric Blanket Made For A Car

This heated blanket is ideal for your car or any other vehicle. That is because its heating system is simple. It has one cord that can plug into cigarette lighter of any van, car or other vehicles. Its lightweight design also makes it ideal for the car.

Voltage Of The Blanket

The electric blanket operates on solely 12 volts. That is a result of the input that is made for vehicles. The main advantage of the low voltage of the heated blanket is that it will heat fast but it will be safe for use.


  • Safe heated blanket
  • Long-lasting blanket
  • Multiple colors available
  • Lightweight heated blanket

Best 12 Volt Electric Blanket For Camping

Glime Fleece 12 Heated Blanket

What Do You Get With The Blanket?

When you purchase the blanket, you get the blanket, the cord that has a power cord suitable for vehicles and the controller. Many customers use the heated blanket for their travels and camping because of its practicality.

Glime Fleece 12 Heated Blanket

Size And Color

The size of the heated blanket is 56x40in. That size is smaller and makes it ideal for camping or keeping in the car as a part of the emergency kit. The color of the blanket is limited and you can buy it only in blue.

Heating Of The Blanket

The blanket is not difficult to use. You can the 12v electric blanket by plugging it into the cigarette lighter in your vehicle. The blanket will heat up to 60 °. The controller has the timer that will heat the blanket for 30, 45, or 60minutes.

Glime Fleece 12 Heated Blanket review

Multi-Purpose 12v Blanket

The low voltage heated blanket is great for any vehicle. What is more, it can serve as a part of the emergency kit because it is only 12v ant it heats fast. What is more, the electric blanket is great for camping or any road trip.

Affordable Heated Blanket

This model of the 12v heated blanket is not expensive. It is also on clearance at the moment and you can save up to 6% if you buy it on Amazon.


  • Affordable heated blanket
  • Great for any vehicle
  • Controller has timer

Best 12 Volt Heated Travel Blanket

Sojoy Low Voltage Blanket For Vehicles

Material And Color

The material of the blanket is 100% polyester fleece. That material will distribute the heat well and it will last you for a long time.  The color that you can buy for this model is limited. You can buy only a checkered black &burgundy style.

Sojoy Low Voltage Blanket For Vehicles

Dimensions Of The Blanket

The 12v electric blanket is large enough to cover one person. Namely, the exact dimensions of the blanket are 60×40 in. It is slightly larger than other models of electric 12v car blankets.  However, the blanket will not take up a lot of space in your car.

Controller For The Blanket

The 12v electric blanket comes with the power cord that you can plug into any vehicle that has a cigarette lighter socket. The controller is user-friendly and it will heat the blanket in less than 4 minutes. You can also choose the temperature and length f heating.

Sojoy Low Voltage Blanket For Vehicles review

Safe Heated Blanket

The heated blanket uses only 12 volts to heat and it is safe to use. The heated blanket also has a timer that will prevent overheating. However, if you are sensitive to the heat or diabetic, the electric blanket might not be safe for you.

Sojoy Customer Service And Return Policy

Sojoy is a company that you can contact is you have any issues. You can call their free telephone number in case of any defects with the blanket. For the first 30 days of the purchase, you can also return the blanket if you are not happy with it.


  • Limited styles available
  • Uses only 12 volts
  • Easy to use
  • 30 day return possible

Best Cheap 12 Volt Car Blanket

Roadpro Fleece Heated Blanket

The Fabric And Size

The fabric of the heated blanket is a very soft fleece. Most customers use this blanket as a regular blanket because of its very soft fleece material. The size of the electric 12v blanket is of smaller dimensions; 58×42.5in.

Roadpro Fleece Warming Blanket

Power Cord Features

The power cord that you get when you purchase the 12-volt heated blanket is suitable for vehicles. That is because its end can be plugged into the cigarette lighter. The power cord of the electric blanket is 8 feet long.

Convenient Car Blanket

The blanket is smaller in size because it is made to cover one person. It can also be easily folded without being damaged. What is more, the blanket comes with the bag that you can zip and turn the blanket into the pillow.

Roadpro Fleece Warming Blanket review

Maintenance Of The Blanket

You can take out the power cord and wash the blanket in the washing machine. However, you cannot wash the blanket in the washing machine as any regular blanket because it is more sensitive. Make sure that you follow the guidelines in the manual.

Use It In Your Car

Because of the features elaborated before, the blanket is ideal for your car. It is small-sized, plugs in the car and operates on 12v.  Take the heated blanket on any car trip or leave the heated blanket in the car in case of emergencies.


  • Ideal for one person
  • Can be turned into the pillow
  • Low-maintenance blanket

Conclusion: Which Low Voltage Electric Blanket Should You Buy?

Low voltage heated blankets that are reviewed all have their advantages. If you need a 12v blanket that is affordable and can be used in different vehicles, I recommend Stalwart 12v Electric Heated Car Blanket. For domestic purposes, I suggest Big Hippo Heated 12V Blanket.

Do you want to read more about the best electric blankets? I have more articles that review various models of heated blankets. Read about dual control queen electric blanket if you need a larger blanket for two that comes with two controllers. If you want to strike a good deal on the blanket, read about twin electric blanket on clearance.