Best 5 Cheap Electric Heated Blanket To Buy In 2022 Reviews

Best 5 Cheap Electric Heated Blankets To Buy In 2020 Reviews

Do you need a heated blanket but you are currently on the budget? This article reviews some of the best cheap electric blankets and their advantages.

After reading the article you will also know more about different manufacturers and technicalities that make the best heated blanket that is still affordable.


Features Of The Best Cheap Electric Blankets

Material Of Cheap Heated Blankets

The material of the cheap heated blanket will vary. However, some of the best cheap heated blankets might feature the same material like a blanket that is pricier. The difference will be in the thickness of the material.

Safe Cheap Blankets

You might be concerned with safety if you buy a cheap electric blanket. Some models might have other reasons because of which they are more affordable. Make sure to check if the voltage blanket uses low and if the blanket’s controller has a butyl-in auto-off.

Most Affordable Sizes

Larger sizes of the heated blankets will be more expensive. These sizes are queen and king. Occasionally, throw size is a larger variant. If you want a cheaper electric blanket, buy twin or full size. Pad sizes are also inexpensive.

Difference In Quality

Reasons why some electric throws are cheaper do not always include that the blanket is of low quality. Sometimes the manufacturer of the blanket has a long history and continually works on their heating technology or blanket offers technicalities others do not.

Cheapest Place To Buy Electric Blankets

You can buy an affordable electric blanket directly from the manufacturer via their official sites. Another option is buying from a retailer such as Amazon. It is best to compare the price of the cheapest electric blankets.

Best 5 Cheap Heated Blankets

Best Cheap Electric Blankets Twin Size

Sunbeam Fleece Electric Blanket

The Fabric Of The Blanket

The fabric of the affordable electric blanket is a very comfortable fleece. That fabric is also 100% polyester when it comes to the material. The advantages of the fleece fabric are that it is lightweight, heats rapidly and it is also durable.

Sunbeam Fleece ThrowBlanket

Sunbeam Heating Technology

Sunbeam developed heating technology that will heat the electric blanket evenly. That is to say, the heat is consistent on the whole blanket. What is more, when heating, the controller takes into consideration the surrounding heat.

Features Of The Controller

This model of the cheap heated blanket is twin size. That means that the heated blanket you purchase will come with only one controller. That controller has 3 heating levels you can adjust to your needs.

Sunbeam Fleece ThrowBlanket review

Cleaning Of The Blanket

The cleaning of the heated blanket is not an issue. That is because this heated blanket is washing machine safe. It is only important that you take out the electric parts of the blanket before putting it in a machine.

Affordability Of The Blanket

This cheap heated blanket is not the cheapest twin size electric blanket on the market. However, it is of good quality and cheaper than models that resemble this electric blanket. What makes the blanket cheaper, in general, is its size.

Why Should You Buy It:

  • Durable fleece material
  • 3 heating settings
  • Even heat distribution
  • An affordable and quality blanket

Best Cheap Electric Throw Blanket

Sunbeam Royalmink Electric Blanket

Colors Of The Wrap

For most cheap heated blankets, there is not a wide choice when it comes to styles and colors. However, this model of cheap electric blanket is available in two different colors. You can purchase sand or garnet.

Sunbeam Royalmink Throw

Size Of The Wrap

The dimensions of the warming wrap are 25×57. That dimension of the blanket is ideal if you need to warp yourself when you are in the office or watching TV. That is also the only dimension of that heated blanket available.

How To Heat The Wrap

The heated wrap blanket is user-friendly. You will get a singular controller that has 3 heating settings that you can choose from. You can wrap yourself and then start the heating or preheat the couch with the blanket.

Sunbeam Royalmink Throw review

Price Of The Wrap

The price of this heated wrap is not high. However, different colors have different prices. If you decide to buy the sand color of this model of the blanket, you will get a cheaper electric blanket. The price is also nit high because the blanket is not large.

Warranty Of The Blanket

In case you have an issue with this blanket, Sunbeam has you covered. Namely, you have to register on their official pages to ensure that the blanket is under warranty. That warranty will expire after 5 years.

Why Should You Buy It:

  • 3 heating settings
  • Great for your office
  • 5-year warranty

Best Cheap Therapy Heated Blanket For Home Office

Lifechange Flannel Rapid Heating Blanket

Comfortable Knee Blanket

This heated blanket is very comfortable because of its fabric and wires. Namely, its wires are flexible and very thin so that they do not bother you when you use the pad. The fabric is flannel that is very high in plushness.

Lifechange Flannel Rapid Heating Blanket

Sizes Of The Blanket Available

Three sizes of this heating pad are available. Namely, you can buy either 17.7in pad, 31.5x24in pad, or 59×31.5in pad. It is ideal if you need to warm only specific part of your body such as feet that tend to be cold.

Inexpensive Heated Blanket

This electric blanket is more of a pad because of its smaller size. That is why this is the cheapest heated blanket on the list of best blankets in the article. However, that is not reflected in the quality of the product.

Lifechange Flannel Rapid Heating Blanket review

Safe Heated Blanket

The heated blanket is safe to use. That is because the electric blanket is ETL certified for safety. What is more, the technology of this affordable knee pad is developed to prevent overheating of the blanket.

Therapy Electric Blanket

This cheap heated blanket is ideal for heating therapy. Its small size enables that you directly target the part of your body that is in pain. The cheap warming blanket can help you if you suffer from sore muscles or aching joints.

Why Should You Buy It:

  • Heating therapy pad
  • The affordable price of the pad
  • ETL certified pad
  • Very comfortable pad

Best Cheap Single Electric Blanket

Vremi Flannel Fleece Heated Blanket

Material Of The Throw

The material of this heated throw is a very comfortable and durable flannel fleece. That material is also known for its heat retention that is important for electric blankets and it even aids with equal heat distribution.

Vremi Fleece Heated Blanket

Size For Two

According to the manufacturer, the size of this heated throw is ideal if you need to cover two people. There is only one available size of this model of the heated throw. Exact dimensions of that size of the heated throw are 55x63in.

Singular Controller For The Throw

The heated throw comes with only one controller. That controller for the warming throw is user-friendly and it has 6 levels o heating that you can choose. What is more, the controller will stop heating after some time to prevent overheating.

Vremi Fleece Heated Blanket review

Safe Heated Throw

This model of the cheap heated throw is safe to use. That is because the electric throw is ETL certified for safety. What is more, the previously mentioned auto-off feature of the controller also makes it safer to use.

Cheap Heated Blanket On Sale

If you need a throw that is affordable but also of good quality, now is the time to buy this heated throw. That is because the throw is on clearance and you can save up to 25% of the original price of the blanket.

Why Should You Buy It:

  • 6 levels of heating
  • Heated throw on sale
  • Auto-off feature of the throw

Best Cheap Electric Blankets Queen Size

Pure Warmth Sherpa/Micro Plush Heated Blanket

Reversible Fabric Of The Blanket

This cheap heated blanket is reversible. That is because the top is made out of micro plush fabric and the bottom is made out of Sherpa fabric. The blanket will heat both sides so you can choose which one you prefer.

Comfort Knit Electric Heated Sherpa Blanket (Analogue)

Variety Of Colors

This model of heated queen blanket on sale is available in a multitude of colors. Namely, you can choose out of 5 colors. Colors available are chocolate, claret, cloud blue, grey, linen, and sage green.

Sizes You Can Buy

Sizes that are available for this cheap heated blanket are queen, king, twin, and full size. Larger dimensions of the heated blanket are king and queen. In case you need smaller-sized of electric blankets, twin and full should suffice.

Comfort Knit Electric Heated Sherpa Blanket (Analogue) review

Technicalities Concerning Dual Controllers

If you buy the electric blanket in queen or king size, you will get dual controllers for your blanket. You can independently heat two sides of your blanket with a dual controller. Each controller has 10 levels of heating.

Affordable Large-Sized Blanket 

This heated blanket is momentarily on clearance. You can save 10% from the originally estimated price of the heated blanket. That is also why this is one of the most affordable queen size heated blankets on the market.

Why Should You Buy It:

  • Dual controller for king and queen size
  • Queen size blanket on clearance
  • Multiple colors available
  • 2 different fabrics of the blanket

Conclusion: Which Cheap Heated Blankets Are Worth Buying?

The blanket that is worth to you will have technicalities and features that you prefer. For instance, if you need a blanket that is larger but still affordable, try Pure Warmth Sherpa/Micro Plush Heated Blanket. Moreover, if the blanket you need should have heating therapy, I recommend Lifechange Flannel Rapid Heating Blanket.

Would you like to read more articles about the best electric blankets? I have more for you. For convenient and portable blankets that will be a great accompaniment on your hike or camping, read about portable electric blankets. In case you need a specific size that will cover your larger bed, read about king size heated blankets.