Best 5 Cordless Battery Operated Heated Blanket Reviews 2022

Best 5 Cordless Battery Operated Heated Blanket Reviews 2020

Do you need a heated blanket that is conveniently portable and battery-operated? This article reviews multiple models of battery-operated blanket that might help you find the exact blanket you have been looking for.

You will know a lot about cordless heated blankets, how to use them, which characteristic makes the best heated blankets and more.


Features Of Battery Powered Heated Blankets

The Material Of The Electric Blankets

Electric blankets that are battery-operated will come in a variety of materials. Most materials of the heated outdoor blankets are durable, they conduct the heat well and they will be very comfortable even when the blanket is not heated.

Batteries For Electric Blankets

It depends on the manufacturer if your cordless electric blanket or throw comes with battery or not. What is more, the blankets that do not come with the battery will be less expensive. Batteries can heat your blanket to 8 hours.

Outdoor Vs. Indoor Heated Blankets

If you buy the blanket that if cordless and battery operated, it will most of the time be for outdoor use. It would be meant for stadiums, camping, or car. However, you can always use such blankets outside.

Affordability Of Battery-Powered Blankets

The blankets that are battery-powered will not be more expensive in comparison to blankets that are made for the use indoors. However, if the blankets are high tech, large and come with the battery, that will affect the price.

Where To Purchase The Blanket?

Cordless heated blankets and throws are available online via the official websites of their manufacturers. However, you can also buy the same heated blankets on sale from retailers such as Amazon.

Best 5 Battery Operated Warming Blankets

Best Indoor Battery Heated Throw Blanket

Homedics Cordless Heated Throw

Design Of The Cordless Blanket

This battery-operated heated blanket is designed for multiple purposes. Namely, you can wear it as a wrap or you can cover yourself with it as with the regular blanket. What is more, the wearable design also has pockets.

Homedics Cordless Heated Throw

Battery-Powered Electric Blanket

This heated battery-powered blanket is portable because it has a built-in battery that can be recharged. You can hide the battery in the pocket of the heated cordless blanket and wear it in your office.

Therapeutic Warmth Of The Blanket

The blanket emits soothing heat when you warp yourself with the electric battery-operated blanket. That heat can reduce anxiety or reduce the pain you might feel in your joints. However, do not use the blanket if you have health conditions such as diabetes.

Homedics Cordless Heated Throw review

Massage Option Of The Blanket

If you want a massage, this model of the heated cordless blanket has that button as well. When you push the button, it will release vibration that will add up to the therapeutic relief alongside with the heat of the blanket.

About The Manufacturer

If you like this heated blanket because you can use it for therapeutic purposes, you will be happy to know that the company has a long history with heating wellness products. That is to say, they have been developing their technology since 1987.


  • Versatile use of the design
  • Can be used for therapy
  • Massage feature of the blanket

Best 12 Volts Battery Heated Blanket

Cozee Fleece Cordless Electric Throw

Material Of The Cordless Blanket

The material that is used for this heated blanket is a very comfortable fleece.  That material for the heated blanket makes it long-lasting, conducts and retains the heat well outdoors, it is lightweight and it is also water-resistant.

The Cozee Outdoor Fleece Heated Blanket

Portable Heated Blanket For Entire Family

The electric blanket is cordless because it operated using the battery that you get in the package. That battery is a power bank in which you can plug in 2 USBs that come with the blanket. Another feature that makes the blanket portable is its lightness.

Safe Heated Blanket

This camping cordless heated blanket is safe to use because it is battery-powered. That is to say, the blanket that uses batteries usually do not use more than 12 volts to operate. What is more, the blanket’s battery is insulated for safety.

The Cozee Outdoor Fleece Heated Blanket review

Price Of The Cordless Throw

This heated battery-operated blanket is more expensive than other blankets that are reviewed in the article. That is because the blanket comes with the battery, it is large enough to cover at least two people and it is of good quality.

Warranty For The Blanket

Even though the heated cordless blanket is a good quality one, it does not mean that it has defects from time to time. In that case, contact the manufacturer’s customer service which will be glad to help you and use your 5-year warranty rights.


  • Battery is included
  • Comfortable heated blanket
  • 5-year warranty for the blanket
  • Expensive heated blanket

Best Battery Operated Blanket For Outdoors

Onnetila Battery Powered Electric Blanket

The material Of The Warming Blanket

This battery-powered warming blanket is made out of polyester. What is more, it is additionally protected with the high tech material that will keep you warm and safe.  The material is water-resistant and very light and comfortable.

Onnetila Outdoor Warming Blanket

Heat It With Battery

You will get a large capacity battery that will enable heating of this cordless warming blanket. The battery is durable and it will heat the blanket to 8 hours. If the outdoor temperature is low, that will not affect the battery.

Size And Weight

This warming cordless blanket comes in only one size. That size of the cordless heated blanket is 60x40in. It is also good to know that the heating area is 36x30in. The blanket is ideal for camping because it is lightweight and can be folded in a way that does not take up much space.

Onnetila Outdoor Warming Blanket review

Maintenance Of The Blanket

You can easily wash the blanket because of its nylon material. However, the manual does not recommend that you wash the blanket in the washing machine. In that way, the blanket’s material might change.

Warranty For The Blanket

It is important to the Onnetia company that you have a pleasant experience with their warming products. That is why their policy includes a 1-year warranty. What is more, you can return the blanket and they will not ask any questions.


  • Insulated material of the blanket
  • The battery heats up to 8 hours
  • Can be washed

Best Cordless Heated Blanket For Camping

Alice Rapid Heating Blanket For Outdoor

Size And Design Of The Blanket

The warming battery-operated blanket is 80x54in. That size is ideal as a wrap for one person or to cover two people. The heated battery-operated blanket is also specially designed in a way that it can be a sleeping bag.

Alice’s Outdoor Heating  Blanket

High Tech Blanket

This heated blanket is designed for outdoor use. One way in which it was adapted to endure low temperatures is the heating system of the blanket. It has a carbon heating system that will enable rapid heating when you need it.

Heating Of The Blanket

The blanket will be heating for up to 4 hours. Namely, you have more heating settings for the cordless heated blanket that you can choose. If you heat the warming cordless blanket on the highest setting, you can heat it to 2 hours.

Alice’s Outdoor Heating  Blanket review

Features Of Rechargeable Battery

The battery is a power bank of the heated cordless blanket. You can recharge the battery and it will be full in 4 hours. The battery for the cordless electric camping blanket also has multiple purposes. For instance, you can use it as a light.

Lightweight Heated Blanket

This heated cordless blanket for camping weighs only 4.5lbs. The blanket also comes with the bag in the package and you can fold it so that it does not take up a lot of space. When it is in the bag its dimensions will be 8x13in.


  • Can become a sleeping bag
  • Multi-purpose power bank
  • Does not take up much space
  • Light to carry

Best Rechargeable Heated Throw

PerfectPrime Fleece Portable Heated Blanket

Material And Color Of The Blanket

The blanket is available in only one light blue color. The material of the warming cordless blanket is polyester. However, the fabric that makes the heated blanket very comfortable and long-lasting is a fleece.

Perfect Prime USB Heated Fleece Blanket

Size Of The Blanket

The heated blanket comes in only one size. That size is 51x31in. That size is not large and that is one of the reasons why the blanket is not expensive. It is also good to know that the heating area of the blanket is 23x11in.

Portable Cordless Throw

 This blanket is light, does not take up much space and has USB ports that heat the blanket. One downside of this cordless electric blanket is that you need to have your battery-operated power bank.

Perfect Prime USB Heated Fleece Blanket review

Price Of The Heated Blanket

This is not an inexpensive heated blanket because the blanket is high quality and make out of durable material. However, it is cheaper in comparison to other heated blankets that are portable because it does not come with a power bank and it is smaller.

Multi-Purpose Heated Blanket 

Since the electric blanket is cordless and you need to have a power bank, you can use it anywhere. It is great if you intend to use it indoors, on a wheelchair, or when you work in the office. However, it is also good for any outdoor activity.


  • Very comfortable material
  • Wheelchair safe heated blanket
  • Does come with the power bank

Conclusion: Which Battery Operated Throw Blanket Is The Best?

The heated cordless blanket you choose will depend on your needs. That is to say, it will depend on whether you need the battery-operated heated blanket that is suitable for outdoors or indoors. If you need a blanket for outdoor activities, try Cozee Fleece Cordless Electric Throw. In case you need an indoor blanket, I suggest Homedics Cordless Heated Throw.

If you want to read more about electric blankets, I have more. Read about twin XL heated blankets if you need a blanket for indoors that is suitable for a couch or a smaller bed. If you need a blanket that comes with two controllers, read about dual control electric queen blanket.