Top 4 California King Electric Heated Blankets In 2022 Review

Top 4 California King Electric Heated Blankets In 2020 Review

Do you need a cal king electric blanket that will soothe you and your partner during cold winter nights? This article elaborated on different models of California king electric blankets.

You will find out what different manufacturers of king size electric blanket have to offer. What is more, you will be able to define which features you value the most and find the best heated blanket for you.


Features Of California King Electric Blankets

Materials And Colors Of Cal King Blankets

There are not many available colors or materials for a cal king electric blankets. That is because California king is one of the largest sizes of electric blankets that you can buy. However, most customers find their cal king blanket even though the choice is limited.

Available Sizes Of Heated Blankets

As it was previously mentioned, models of heated blanket that come in cal king size will be limited. That is why it is important that you search for that exact size of the blanket (72-Inch by 84-Inch). Other larger sizes of heated blankets and throws are king and queen.

Dual Control Of Cal King Electric Blanket

Most California king electric blankets feature dual control. That feature is also available if you order the queen size of the heated blanket. Dual control of the heated blanket is ideal if you need to heat two people who prefer different heating levels.

Price Of The King Size Blanket

Cal king size heated blanket are larger and they will cost more than twin or full sizes. However, the prices of various models might still significantly vary. Some factors that contribute to that are manufacturer, retailer, specific model’s technicalities, etc.

Where To Buy Cal King Blanket?

You can buy your electric can king blanket from a manufacturer or retailer. Both have their advantages. Namely, you can contact the manufacturer directly in case of any defects that you might experience with the product. However, if you buy from a retailer such as Amazon, you might get a better deal.

Best 4 Cal King Electric Blankets

Best California King Electric Blanket Dual Control

Shavel’s Micro Flannel/Sherpa Cal King Electric Blanket

Reversible Material Of The Blanket

This cal king heated blanket has two different sides. That is to say, you can choose the side that features micro flannel material or the side that features Sherpa material. Both materials are comfortable and the blanket heats on both sides.

Shavel’s Micro FlannelSherpa Cal King Electric Blanket

Sizes Of The Heated Blanket Available

You can choose all traditional sizes that cover full, twin, queen, and king-sized mattresses. According to the manufacturer, their California king size is 101x90in. That is a bit larger than standard cal king blanket. However, it is ideal if you intend to use it as a wrap for one person or blanket for two people.

Electric parts Of The Blanket

When you purchase the blanket, with the electric blanket will come two controllers (for larger sizes), power cord wires and controller wires. Both controllers have 5 heating settings and they will stop heating after 10 hours.

Shavel’s Micro FlannelSherpa Cal King Electric Blanket review

Dual Control For Larger Sizes

Larger sizes such as queen, king and California king come with two controllers. That means that you can heat two halves of the blanket independently. It can also mean that you do not want to heat one side at all.

Maintenance Of The Blanket

The cal king electric blanket has larger dimensions than other blankets. However, it should fit into any standard washing machine. Just be careful when you choose the temperature on the machine and the material will not change.

Why Should You Buy It:

  • Cal king size available
  • Washing machine safe blanket
  • Dual control for cal king
  • 10 hours auto-off

Best Cheap California King Heated Blanket

Hokeki Sherpa/Flannel Electric Blanket

Comfortable Materials Of The Cal King Blanket

This cal king heated blanket model is reversible. Both sides of the electric California king are made out of durable polyester that will preserve the heat. What is more, you can choose out of flannel and soft Sherpa materials for the blanket.

Hokeki SherpaFlannel Electric Blanket

California Size Of The Oversized Blanket

This model is available in 72x84in. Sizes and dimensions are categorized differently by manufacturers. Namely, California king size is usually defined as a blanket that is 72x84in. The main difference between cal king and king is that cal king is a longer blanket.

Technical Specifications Of Electric Parts  

The controller for the heated blanket has 6 different heating levels. What is more, it will cease heating after 3 hours for your safety. The wires are specially designed with insulation that increases the safety of the blanket and does not disturb your sleep.

Hokeki SherpaFlannel Electric Blanket review

Safe Heated Blanket

Some features such as 3-hour auto-off and specially insulated wires will keep you safe when using the electric blanket. However, the cal king electric blanket is also ETL certified. So you can have a peace of mind even though the blanket comes with features that prevent overheating.

Inexpensive Electric Blanket

Due to its smaller dimensions California king size, this electric blanket is affordable. It even has a variant that is a bit smaller and you can get it for a lower price. What is more, you can get a discount if you buy it from a retailer such as Amazon because they often offer discounts and coupons.

Why Should You Buy It:

  • Safe heated blanket
  • Comfortable material of the blanket
  • Cheap electric blanket

Best Auto-Off Heated Call King Throw

MaxCare Flannel Cal King Throw

Colors For The Blanket Available

California king sizes usually come in only one available color. However, if you prefer this flannel electric blanket model, you can buy it in two different colors. You can choose the brown or blue color of the blanket.

MaxCare Flannel Cal King Throw

Oversized Cal King Blanket

As it was the case with another model of the heated blanket, dimensions of the heated blanket are 72x84in. That is the dimension that is traditionally referred to as a California king blanket. The model is ideal if you need a blanket that fits these dimensions.

User-Friendly Electric Blanket

For heating the blanket, you get one controller that has 3 levels of heat that you can adjust to your needs. Furthermore, it will stop heating after 8 hours in case you fall asleep in the meantime. The blanket is also easy to wash. It is machine safe but do not use dryer for the blanket.

MaxCare Flannel Cal King Throw review

Price Of The Blanket

This model of cal king heated blanket is also not expensive in comparison to other electric blankets with similar features. However, the price will also depend on the color you choose to buy. That is to say, if you buy a blue color, the blanket will be cheaper.

MaxKare Customer Service

MaxKare values its customers and what they can to ensure a great customer experience. For example, if you notice any defects with your blanket, you can return the heated blanket and they will send you a new one.  They will also take care of your blanket issues for 2 years.

Why Should You Buy It:

  • Easy to use heated blanket
  • 8 hours auto-off
  • Available in two colors
  • Great customer service

Best Cal King Heated Mattress Pad

Sunbeam Cotton Mattress Pad

Fabric Of The Heated Mattress Pad

The fabric of the mattress pad is made out of cotton. That is to say, the top of the pad is the water-resistant cotton. The pad is made out of multiple layers that are polyester. This heated cal king pad comes in only one limited color and that is white.

Sunbeam Cotton Mattress Pad

Mattress Sizes Available

The heated mattress pad is available in five different sizes. You can buy the pad in smaller sizes such as twin or full. However, if you are interested in larger sizes, there are also queen, king, and California king. These sizes determine the price of the pad. Cal king is the most expensive variant.

Heating Technology Of The Pad

Heating technology that Sunbeam offers includes Thermofine. That heating technology enables equal distribution of the meat when you are using the pad. What is more, the controller will pick up atmospheric heat and adjust the temperature according to it.

Sunbeam Plush Electric Throw Blanket review

How To Use The Pad

The cal king heating pad is easy to use. Make sure that you choose the right size for your mattress. Cover your mattress with the pad. Use the controller to adjust the heating before going to bed. In that way, the bed will be warm when you are ready.

Cleaning Of The Mattress Pad

The cleaning of the mattress pad is easy. That is because the heating mattress pad can be washed in a washing machine. However, you will need to make sure that you detached the electric component of the blanket.

Why Should You Buy It:

  • Multiple sizes available
  • Easy to clean
  • Top made out of cotton

Conclusion: Which California King Size Electric Blanket Is The Best For You?

There are not many California king-size electric blankets on the market. However, the best cal king heated blanket will be the one that suits your needs the most. For instance, if you need an affordable cal king heated blanket, try Hokeki Electric Flannel Blanket. If you need a comfortable dual control ac king blanket, I suggest Shavel’s Micro Flannel Cal King Electric Blanket.

I have more articles if cal king heated blankets got you interested in electric blankets but you did not find the right model yet. Read about low voltage electric blankets if you want to know more about the economical and safest heated blankets. In case you want an electric blanket that is similar to cal king size-wise, read about best dual control queen-size electric blankets.