Best 5 Portable Electric Heated Blankets In 2022 Reviews

Best 5 Portable Electric Heated Blankets In 2020 Reviews

Do you need a portable heated blanket that will keep you warm when you are traveling or enjoying yourself outdoors? This article can serve you as a guide to see what you should look for in an electric blanket.

Read about various advantages and potential issues that others experienced with their purchases. You will know which features are important for portable electric blankets and what different models have to offer.


Crucial Portable Electric Blankets Characteristics

Practicality Of Heated Blankets

Portable warming blankets on this list will be practical for your outdoor adventures. That is because these models are practical storage-wise but they also operate using batteries or outlets that are compatible with your vehicle.

Maintenance Of The Heated Blankets

Another aspect of the practicality of portable heated blankets concerns their maintenance. That is to say, check if your electric blanket can be washed in a washing machine. Also, check if you can take out the electric parts and if they take too long to dry.

Safe With Electric Blankets

Most of the best portable heated blankets that will be reviewed are safe to use. That is due to their various features. In other words, they will be low voltage, have a controller with built-in auto-off or feature different manufacturer’s technology.

Electric Blankets On The Budget

You might need an electric blanket that is portable but you have a budget. Various retailers may offer discounts on portable warming blankets that are of great quality. Also, the smaller sized model is often already cheaper.

Are They Available Online?

Heck if your electric blanket is available online. Different manufacturers might have their heated blankets available on their official websites. However, you can also buy their products via retailers such as Amazon.

Best 5 Portable Heated Blankets

Best Cheap Portable Electric Blanket

ARRIS Fleece Wearable Blanket

Wearable Design And Fabric

This heated portable blanket is made out of 100% polyester fleece fabric. That fabric is high in plushness, very comfortable and warm by itself. The Blanket is designed featuring buttons that fixate the heated blanket and make it wearable.

ARRIS Fleece Wearable Blanket

Electronics For The Electric Blanket

This model of portable heated blanket comes with a blanket and USB cable. If you want to use it outdoors, you will have to purchase the power bank separately. The warming portable blanket has 5 heating settings.

Affordable Heated Blanket

Due to its compact shawl size and lack of power bank, this model of the heated blanket is one of the cheapest. However, the heated portable blanket is of good quality and also a durable product that will be a good investment.

ARRIS Fleece Wearable Blanket review

How To Heat The Blanket

The heated portable blanket can be heated using any 5v USB outlet available. Therefore, you may use this portable electric blanket indoor as well and plug it into your laptop. Choose one of the 5 heating settings and enjoy up to 176℉.

Reliable Electric Blanket

The technology of the blanket makes it reliable and safe to use. Namely, when the warming portable blanket detects that the blanket is overheating, it will stop heating. In that way, it will stabilize the temperature. What is more, its low-voltage is also one of the indicators that the blanket is safe to use.

Why Should You Buy It:

  • Wearable design of the blanket
  • Cheap heated blanket
  • Safe electric blanket

Best Portable Battery Powered Heated Blanket

Onnetila Outdoor Portable Heated Blanket

Dimensions Of The Blanket

This model of the outdoor heated portable blanket is available in one size. Dimensions of that size for the electric blanket are 60x40in. However, the part of the blanket that will be heated is 36x30in. What is more, the blanket is a lightweight one and easily foldable due to its dimensions.

Onnetila Outdoor Portable Heated Blanket

Advantages Of Material

The material that is used for this blanket is a special type of polyester that is covered with insulation fabric. The main advantages of this material are that the blanket is easy to wash, it is not heavy and it is soft and warm.

Battery-Powered Heated Blanket

When you want to heat this outdoor warming blanket, you will need one large-capacity battery. According to the manufacturer, the battery you get when you purchase the electric blanket will keep you nice and toasty for up to 8 hours.

Onnetila Outdoor Portable Heated Blanket review

Multipurpose Portable Heated Blanket

You can use the electric outdoor blanket for virtually any outdoor activity. That is due to the battery-operated system of the portable heated blanket. That system does not require the blanket to be plugged into the electric outlet.

Warranty For The Blanket

The Onnetila firm wants its customers to be satisfied with their purchase. That is because they invest a lot in improving their high tech electric blankets. If you have any issues with the blanket, the one year warranty will cover them.

Why Should You Buy It:

  • Lightweight warming blanket
  • Ideal for any outdoor activity
  • Using batteries to operate
  • 1-year warranty for the blanket

Best 12v Portable Heated Throw

Car Cozy 12V Fleece Heated Blanket

Styles And Material

This model of heated blanket comes in three plaid styles. Three colors of the electric blanket are black& white, navy and red. The material of this car blanket is a very comfortable fleece material that will keep you warm and cozy.

Car Cozy 12v Heated Travel Blanket

Dimensions Of The Blanket

Dimensions of this warming blanket are 58x42in. According to the manufacturer, that dimension of the heated blanket is enough to cover at least two people. However, is you intend to use it as a wrap, and then it will be enough for only one person.

Controller For The Blanket

The heated blanket heats up after it is plugged in the cigarette lighter in your car. It does not have a traditional controller’s features that many indoor blankets have. However, the controller can be turned on, reset if needed and it features auto-off.

Car Cozy 12v Heated Travel Blanket review

Low Voltage Heated Blanket

Because the blanket is turned on using the heating compartment in your car, it cannot operate using high voltage. That is to say, the warming blanket will keep you warm and safe using only 12v.

User-Friendly Car Blanket

As was mentioned, the blanket does not have a complex controller. You can turn it off and heat the blanket for 30 or 45 minutes. After that, the controllers will automatically turn-off your heated blanket to prevent overheating.

Why Should You Buy It:

  • Large enough for two people
  • Operates using low voltage
  • Easy to use

Best Portable Heated Blanket For Camping

Lomitech UBS Portable Plush Electric Blanket

Comfortable Portable Heated Blanket

This portable heated blanket is very comfortable and soft due to its material. Namely, the material for this blanket is a very soft plush. What is more, the blanket does not have electric wires as it is the case with many indoor blankets. Therefore, wires will not disturb your sleep.

Lomitech UBS Portable Plush Electric Blanket

Dimensions And Color Available

For this electric blanket, only one color is available and that is gray. However, the blanket will be probably used outside for your trips and not as a decoration at home. Dimensions of the blanket are 47x30in.

Using USB For Heating

Even though this blanket is mostly used as an outdoor blanket, it is also practical inside. Namely, the blanket uses USB ports for heating. You can plug them into your laptop on the cold winter day. The blanket usually uses USB power and power adapter for heating.

Lomitech UBS Portable Plush Electric Blanket review

Ideal For Outdoor Trips

Due to its smaller size and portability owing to USB powered heating technology this blanket is ideal for outside. What is more, the blanket comes with the zipper. You can use that zipper to transform the blanket into the pillow.

Warming Of The Electric Blanket

When you need to warm the heated blanket, select the temperature and adjust the timer to your needs. Namely, the portable warming blanket has the timer that can be set for 15, 30 or 60 minutes. That timer will keep you safe if you fall asleep using this blanket.

Why Should You Buy It:

  • Made out of soft plush material
  • Uses USB for heating
  • Can be made into the pillow
  • Features auto-off

Best Portable Heated Stadium Blanket

The Cozee Outdoor Fleece Heated Blanket

Material Of The Blanket

The material that is used for this heated blanket is one of the features that make it ideal for outdoor use. Namely, the very warm fleece can be used as a very soft and oversized wrap for more people. That material is also waterproof and therefore low maintenance.

The Cozee Outdoor Fleece Heated Blanket

Heat It Using Batteries

If you want to heat the electric blanket, you can use the battery that comes with the blanket in the package. That battery is also equipped with dual USB ports and it will heat the blanket for more than five hours.

Safe Heated Blanket

Since the portable warming blanket is using batteries to keep you toasty, it operated on a low voltage. Namely, the electric blanket does not need more than 12v input to function. You can also control the heating settings and choose lower ones if you are afraid that the blanket will overheat.

The Cozee Outdoor Fleece Heated Blanket review

Warranty For The Blanket

The warranty for this model of heated portable blanket expires after 5 years. The Cozee takes care of its customers and you can use the warranty to repair almost any damage that you might experience when using their heated product.

Expensive Heated Blanket

Due to its numerous advantages such as size, battery, and material, this outdoor heated blanket is the most expensive blanket on this list. Namely, the blanket is long-lasting and it will keep you warm and safe on many travels.

Why Should You Buy It:

  • 5-year warranty
  • Oversized heated blanket
  • Portable battery-operated blanket

Conclusion: Which Portable Heated Blanket To buy?

Every model has its advantages and it can be hard to make a decision when buying an electric portable blanket. However, you can start with a very soft and ideal blanket for camping Lomitech UBS Portable Plush Electric Blanket. Another option that is practical for outdoors and safe to use is The Cozee Outdoor Fleece Heated Blanket.

Do you want to read more about the best electric blankets that your money can buy? I have other articles that might help you find the ideal model for you. Read about king size electric blankets if you also need a larger blanket to preheat your bed in winter. Moreover, you can also inform yourself about high-tech USB-powered heated blankets.