Best 5 Camping Electric Heated Blanket Picks In 2022 Reviews

Best 5 Camping Electric Heated Blanket Picks In 2020 Reviews

Are you searching for a hated blanket that is portable and convenient for camping? This article reviews the best electric blankets for camping but also notes disadvantages if there are any.

Read further if you would like to know more about camping warming blankets technicalities that you should focus on when buying a blanket.


Some Important Technicalities

Material Of The Camping Blanket

The materials of electric camping blankets will vary. Namely, you might choose a very soft plush material or fleece. Each material has its advantages, but check if the material if low-maintenance and comfortable for use.

PracticalHeating Technology

When you use the blanket for camping, it is important that the electric blanket features practical heating technology. That means that the blanket should have portable USB heating technology, be battery-operated or have the input that can be plugged in your vehicle.

Safe Heated Camping Blankets

Heating camping blanket should be safe to use. Some characteristics of the heating blanket that is safe if you fall asleep on your camping trip are auto-off and low-voltage. Since such blankets operate using outlets that do not allow more than 12v, they should be safe.

The Price Of The Heated Blanket

Different manufacturers will offer different price points for camping warming blankets. That is because electric camping blankets vary on their heating technology, dimensions, material, etc. blankets that feature more complex technology and larger sizes will be pricier.

Where Can You Buy Camping Blanket?

Warming camping blankets are accessible on websites of various manufacturers. However, retailers such as Amazon may offer their products more affordably. That is because they have more frequent discounts, the possibility to buy used products, etc.

Best 5 Electric Blanket For Camping Reviews

Best Battery Operated Heated Blanket Camping

The CozeeFleece Outdoor Blanket

Material And Color Available

The material of the heated blanket is a very cozy and comfortable microfleece material. That material is great at retaining the heat; it does not slide off if you cover yourself with it. This heated camping blanket is available in blue color.

The Cozee Outdoor Fleece Heated Blanket

Size Of The Camping Blanket

This model of camping blanket is oversized. That is to say, the dimensions of the heated blanket for camping are 60x60in. That size can be used for one person as a wrap or to cover at least two adults with a heated blanket.

How To Heat The Blanket?

The camping blanket will come with the power bank. Use 2 USB ports to heat the warming blanket when you are camping. The heating of the blanket will last up to 5 hours. What is more, the electric blanket features auto-off that will keep you safe if you fall asleep.

The Cozee Outdoor Fleece Heated Blanket review

Price Of The Heated Blanket

This heated camping blanket is among expensive ones. That is due to the high quality of the warming camping blanket. Also, the blanket is larger and it has many previously mentioned technical advantages over other models.

Warranty For the Blanket

If you have any issue with this blanket after the purchase, use the warranty to repair your blanket. The warranty for an electric camping blanket will last you 5 years. Do not repair the blanket yourself if the warranty is still valid.


  • Oversized heated blanket
  • 2 USB ports for the blanket
  • Auto-off feature
  • 5-year warranty

12 Volt Electric Blanket Camping

Roadpro Fleece Warming Blanket

Limited ColorAnd Size

This camping electric blanket is available in only one navy blue color. The size of the warming camping blanket is also singular. Namely, you can only buy a smaller sized heated blanket that is 58×42.5in.

Roadpro Fleece Warming Blanket

Material Of The Blanket

The material that is used for making of this heated camping blanket is polar fleece. That material is used to make the blanket more durable and easy to wash. What is more, the camping blanket is also 100% polyester.

Ideal For Any Vehicle

The blanket has the plug that can be plugged into the lighter socket that is available in your car, truck or any other vehicle. Its compact size is also what makes the electric blanket ideal for camping trips in your car.

Roadpro Fleece Warming Blanket review

12v Electric Blanket For Camping

The blanket will not use more than 12V for heating. Therefore, the blanket is safe to use and it is not likely that the electric blanket will overheat. What is more, the warming blanket for camping also has Led indicator.

Great For Emergency Kits

The camping blanket heats very fast, it is made out of very comfortable and soft material that does not irritate skid and it is safe to use. That is why many people have it prepared in the emergency kits in case they need them.


  • Very soft heated blanket
  • Great for emergency kits
  • Safe blanket for use

Cordless Heated Blanket ForCamping

Elevens Battery Operated Nylon Blanket

The Material For The Camping Blanket

The material of this electric heated camping blanket differs when compared to other camping blankets. Namely, this battery-operated camping blanket is made out of nylon. The material makes the blanket long-lasting and warm even if the blanket is not warmed.

Alice’s Outdoor Heating  Blanket

Dimensions Of Camping Blanket

One available dimension for this heated camping blanket is 80x54in. That is enough to cover one person in a comfortable wrap. However, if you are worried about storage, the blanket can be folded into 8x16in.

Battery-Operated Camping Blanket

This cordless heating camping blanket uses the battery to keep you warm.  That makes the electric cordless battery-operated blanket ideal not only for camping but also for any type of outdoor activity. It can also be used indoors.

Alice’s Outdoor Heating  Blanket review

Heating Technology Of The Blanket

According to the manufacturer, this electric blanket will heat rapidly. That is due to the carbon warming technology the electric blanket uses for heating. You are also able to choose out of three different heating settings.

Practical Power Bank

The power bank that comes with the warming battery-operated heated blanket is used for heating of the blanket. However, you can also use it to start your car and charge your mobile phone. That makes it very valuable for an emergency.


  • Durable blanket made out of nylon
  • 3 heating settings
  • Multi-purpose power bank
  • Cordless and portable blanket

Best Electric Blanket For Winter Camping

Onnetila Battery-Powered USB Blanket

Material Of The Blanket

The material for the electric blanket for camping is water-resistant polyester. The material of the heated blanket is also covered with insulation fabric that is great for retaining the heat outdoors. What is more, the material o the blanket is comfortable.

Onnetila Outdoor Warming Blanket

Use The Battery For Heating

The battery for the camping warming blanket is a large capacity. What that means for the heating of the blanket is that it will last for up to 8 hours. The battery for the heating comes with the blanket in the package.

Size And Weight

There is one size available for this model of camping heated blanket. The size of the electric blanket for camping is 60x40in. Because of the material, the blanket is lightweight and it will not take up much space. Namely, the weight of the camping blanket is 0.8lsc if the battery is not included.

Onnetila Outdoor Warming Blanket review

Use It Indoor Or Outdoor

The warming blanket is ideal for outdoor or indoor use. That is because the blanket is portable and you can use it wherever you need to. What is more, the blanket is very comfortable and lightweight. Therefore, it is not problematic for storage.

Cleaning Of The Blanket

According to the manufacturer, the heated blanket is easy to clean. That is because of the properties of the material that is covered with water-resistant fabric that will protect the electric parts of the blanket.


  • Battery-powered electric blanket
  • Easy to wash the blanket
  • Lightweight heated blanket

Best Electric Blanket Sleeping Bag

Fisermo Electric Sleeping Bag For Camping

Advantages Of The Fabric

The fabric that is used for this heated sleeping bag for camping is water-resistant and wind-resistant. The fabric is 300T synthetic. Because of that material, the sleeping bag retains the heat well but it is also a long-lasting heated product.

Fisermo Electric Sleeping Bag For Camping

Multiple Styles And Colors Available

If you like this electric sleeping bag model, you can buy it in multiple different styles. Most heated camping gear such as this sleeping bag does not come in multiple styles. However, this model comes in more than 2 different styles and more than 6 different colors.

Sleeping Bag Design

What makes this warming sleeping bag ideal for camping is that it is designed as a regular sleeping bag. That is to say, you can easily store it, it is light and it will not be a burden on long hikes. Also, it cannot slip off as a regular heating blanket.

Fisermo Electric Sleeping Bag For Camping review

Distribution Of Heat

When the heated sleeping bag needs to be heated, you can choose out of three levels of heating. What is more, the electric sleeping bag is designed to heat the bottom part of the bag to keep your feet warm.

Maintenance Of The Blanket

If you are worried about the washing of the heated sleeping bag considering that it will be used on the ground, it is good to know that the sleeping bag can be both hand-washed and machine-washed. The sleeping bag comes with an additional bag that is ideal for storage before washing.


  • Designed as a sleeping bag
  • Water and wind-resistant fabric
  • Washing machine safe sleeping bag
  • Available in multiple styles

Conclusion: Which Camping Warming Blanket Should You Buy?

Blankets that are featured on this list are safe and they have their advantages. If you are indecisive, start with great quality and portable Elevens Battery Operated Nylon Blanket. Do you need an electric blanket for camping that is oversized? Try comfortable and practical The Cozee Fleece Outdoor Blanket.

Do you want to read more about electric blankets? Read my other articles that review heated blankets suitable for outdoor or indoor use. If you want a blanket that can cover a larger sized bed or be used as a wrap for two people, read about dual control electric queen blanket. In case something affordable is what you need, read about cheap heated blankets.