Best 5 Lightweight Electric Heated Blankets In 2022 Reviews

Best 5 Lightweight Electric Heated Blankets In 2020 Reviews

Are you long for a lightweight heated blanket that will not weigh you down? This article might have just what you need.

It lists a variety of electric blankets that are light and comfortable. Read more about their technical specifications and advice on what you should be careful of when buying the blanket.


Focus On These Heated Blanket Characteristics

Size Of The Heated Blanket

Most blankets come in four different sizes; full, twin, queen and king. That is important for you if you want a lightweight blanket. Namely, queen and king sizes will be naturally heavier due to their larger dimensions. If you seek a light heated blanket, you might want a twin or full size.

Material Of The Electric Blanket

Depending on the material of the warming blanket, the blanket will be lighter or heavier. Certain blankets are made specifically to be heavier to reduce one’s anxiety. Avoid such electric blankets if you want a lightweight heated blanket.

Specifications Of Controllers For Heated Blanket

Different models of electric blankets will come with different controllers. They might change the weight of your blanket. Queen and king sizes come with two controllers that automatically make the electric blanket heavier. In addition, read about other characteristics such as length and thickness of wires as they will add up to the weight of the blanket.

Prices Of Lightweight Electric Blankets

The price of the lightweight electric blanket will vary. Some factors are manufacturer, model, and the dimension of the blanket. Electric blankets that have bigger dimensions will weigh more and their shipping will cost more.

Where Will You Buy Lightweight Electric Blanket?

There are always official manufacturer’s websites where can you buy your electric blankets.  Another option is buying the lightweight electric blanket from alternative retailers. One of such lightweight heated blankets retailer is Amazon.

Best 5 Lightweight Electric Blankets

Best Full-Size Lightweight Electric Blanket

Shavel’sThermee Micro Flannel Electric Blanket

Lightweight Material Of The Electric Blanket

The material of the warming blanket is comfortable and lightweight. It is made out of quilted micro flannel fabric that is no heavy and makes the electric blanket very cozy. This material also comes in a large variety of colors.

ClassicMicro Flannel Electric Heated Blanket

Sizes Of The Lightweight Heated Blanket

For this model of Shavle’s electric heated blanket, there are four standard sizes available. These sizes are twin, full, queen, and king. As it was previously suggested, choose the smaller sizes for even lighter blankets. But larger blankets are lightweight due to their material.

Controllers For The Heated Blanket

If you opt for a lightweight twin and full sizes, you will get one controller that you can use to change the heat. The Shavel’s controllers have 8 heating options. For your safety, the controller for the heated blanket turns off after 10 hours.

ClassicMicro Flannel Electric Heated Blanket review

User-Friendly Heated Blanket

Use the controllers to adjust the heat of the electric blanket. Controllers are easy to use. In addition, the blanket itself is not problematic as it is washing machine safe and you can put it in a dryer. For any additional questions, there is a manual that comes with the blanket or can be found online.

Wire For The Warming Blanket

Wire for the electric heated blanket is 16 feet. It is hidden inside the blanket and will not significantly alter the weight of the blanket. That is because the wire is very thin.


  • User-friendly
  • Lightweight sizes
  • Comfortable material
  • A very thin wire

Best Lightweight Heating Blanket Throw

Biddeford’s Micro Mink Sherpa Blanket

Lightweight Material Of The Blanket

Even though the electric blanket is made out of quality micro mink and Sherpa material, it is still light. The material is very comfortable and Sherpa is a bit thinner. That makes it light and cozy. You can also choose from two different sides.

Micro Mink Sherpa Throw (Digital)

Available Sizes Of The Electric Blanket

This model of Biddeford electric blanket has limited dimensions you can buy. One available dimension is 50-Inch by 62-Inch. That is a lightweight dimension of the blanket. It weighs around 3 pounds and that makes it one of the lightest on the list.

Heating Of The Lightweight Blanket

Only one controller comes with this blanket. That is because of one lightweight electric blanket size. The heating of the electric blanket is not complicated. Throw the blanket on your bed or sofa and preheated it before resting or sleeping. It heats evenly and on both sides.

Micro Mink Sherpa Throw (Digital) review

Auto-Off Controller

Do not worry is you fall asleep before turning off the electric blanket. Namely, the heated blanket has auto-off after several hours of use. Thankfully to this feature, the usage of the blanket is safe. Also, this characteristic of the heated blanket prevents overheating.

Affordable Electric Blanket

When compared to other manufacturer’s electric blankets on the market, Biddeford is among the inexpensive ones. However, that might affect the quality of the controller that comes with the electric blanket.


  • Light micro mink material
  • Low maintenance
  • Auto-off controller

Best 12V Lightweight Electric Blanket

Soft Heat Perfect Fit Micro-Fleece Electric Blanket

Material Of The Lightweight Heated Blanket

The fabric of the electric blanket is very light and cozy microfleece material. It is a very lightweight material itself, which might be just what you are looking for.

Soft Heat Perfect Fit Micro-Fleece Electric Blanket

Weight Of The Heated Blanket

Weight depends on the size. The blanket comes in all four standard electric blanket sizes. Due to its fabric, the hated blanket will not feel e heavy- Even if you purchase king or queen sizes.

Maintain The Blanket With Ease

The blanket can be put into the washing machine and dryer. However, the electric blanket might need to be treated as more sensitive materials. Detailed instructions on how to clean the blanket can be found in the manual.

Soft Heat Perfect Fit Micro-Fleece Electric Blanket review

What To Do In Case Of Issues

Contact Perfect Fit’s customer service in case of any issues. Contact is listed on their official pages. There is also a manual for a product that might aid you in detecting the issue. If your product is still under a warranty, do not do repairs yourself.

Low Voltage Of The Blanket

What distinguishes this electric blanket from others is its low voltage. Therefore, the heated blanket is a good investment if you want to save on the electricity bill. In addition, low voltage makes it safe for pets and children. Other manufacturer’s blankets are not safe for children or animals.


  • Low voltage blanket
  • Easy to clean
  • Very thin cords
  • Feels light on you

Best Queen Size Electric Blanket

Sunbeam Quilted Fleece Warming Blanket

Quilted Fleece Material

Sunbeam warming blanket is made out of special fleece material. The advantage of that material IS that it is easy to maintain in the washing machine. It is also one of their softest electric blanket models. That is due to the high plushness of Sunbeam heated blankets.

Sunbeam Quilted Fleece Warming Blanket

Sunbeam’s Electric Blanket Sizes

This Sunbeam’s heated blanket model is available to buy in four sizes. The sizes are full, twin, queen, and king. No matter what size you choose, the blanket will be lightweight. Namely, smaller dimension sizes such as full and twin weigh around 2 pounds.

How To Use The Heated Blanket

Customers do not have an issue with using the controllers for the heated blanket. The blankets heat quickly after you choose the preferred heating setting. You can heat your bed before your slumber or after you cover yourself. It is up to you.

Sunbeam Quilted Fleece Warming Blanket review

A Large Number Of Controller Settings

Sunbeam’s advanced heating blanket controller model has 10 different settings. Heat the blanket on the temperature that is right for you. The heated blanket will turn off automatically after several hours of use for your protection.

Detect Controller Issues

Electronic parts of the heated blankets are most likely to break. You will be able to see that there is some issue. Namely, lights on the controller will start blinking. Use the warranty to replace the controller.


  • 4 lightweight sizes available
  • 10 controller settings
  • Easy to detect controller issues

Best Cheap Electric Lightweight Blanket

Beautyrest Heated Blanket Wrap

Lightweight’s Blanket Wrap Material

Beautyrest’s heated blanket is very light because of its Sherpa Fleece material. This heated Beautyrest blanket is also very soft, even if the heated blanket is not warmed. Many customers use it even if it not warmed.

Beautyrest Heated Blanket Wrap

Limited Size Of The Blanket

This blanket has a specific design that you can wear. Because of that, it comes only in one size. Namely, there is only one 50″ x 64″ dimension available. That electric blanket size is considered to be oversized and it will fit most adults.

Wearable And Practical

As it was previously mentioned, the electric blanket has a wearable design. It is practical because it is lightweight. Therefore, you can wear a warming blanket in the office. Because of its lightweight, you will forget you are wearing it.

Beautyrest Heated Blanket Wrap review

Safe Blanket For Usage

Beautyrest heated electric blankets and throws are ETL certified and safe to use. Every electric blanket controller automatically ceases to heat after some time. Auto-off time depends on the model and controller. This electric heated wrap blanket has a 2-hour auto-off.

Cheap Electric Blanket

Beautyrestis proud of their long history and development of the best products each year. The rest of their electric blanket models are a tad expensive. However, this electric heated wrap blanket is one of their affordable models.


  • You can wear the blanket
  • Cheap electric blanket
  • Auto-off following 2 hours
  • Safe electric blanket

Conclusion: The Best Lightweight Heated Blankets You Can Buy

There are many lightweight heated blankets and it can be overwhelming. If you want an electric blanket that is affordable, wearable and practical I suggest Beautyrest Heated Blanket Wrap. If you need something to heat your bed, the lightest Sunbeam Quilted Fleece Warming Blanket might be the best choice.

Want to know more about the best electric blankets momentarily on the market? There is more. Read my articles that list the best electric blankets. If you want to save on electricity, I suggest reading more about low voltage electric blankets.