Best 5 Black & White Electric Heated Blankets In 2022 Reviews

Best 5 Black & White Electric Heated Blankets In 2020 Reviews

There are many models and manufacturers of heated blankets and throws. If you are looking for the best models out there, this article will be of great help.

The article focuses on selected black and white models of electric blankets and throws. It details what should you consider when buying these models.


Focus On These Technicalities When Buying A Blanket

Design Of The Electric Blanket

There are multiple design variations when it comes to electric blankets. They come in different sizes, materials, and additional features. If you want something specific such as a black or white electric blanket, check if they are available. It depends on the model if colors and sizes are limited.

Controllers For The Electric Throw

Most customers had issues with this part of electric blankets. Carefully read product specifications concerning controllers. A number of controllers will vary based on the size of the heated blanket. Depending on a model and manufacturer, you will get more of less heating settings to choose from.

Safety Of The Heated Throw

Electric throws and blankets are safe to use. However, some heated blankets cannot be used by your pets, children, or people with certain health issues. Read the manual for the model you are interested to find out more.

Affordability Of The Heated Blanket

Prices of the heated blankets and throws differ considering a model, manufacturer, etc. The price range for the heated throws varies from 29-200 dollars. It depends on how much you are willing to invest in your blanket. However, note that blankets that are pricier had less negative reviews.

Where Can You Buy Your Warming Blanket?

Manufacturers of the heated blankets and throws have their official sites you may visit. Their products are available on these pages. If you want to get a better discount, you may also purchase electric blankets and throws from other retailers. One of them is Amazon.

Top 5 Black And White Heated Blankets/Throws

Best White Heated Blanket

White Shavel’s Electric Heated Blanket

Colors Of The Electric Blanket

This model of electric blankets comes in a multitude of colors. There are 13 colors and prints to choose from. There is not black, but if you are long for a white blanket, I suggest a Sand style. The sand is their elegant white electric blanket. It is a darker toned white blanket.

White Shavel’s Electric Heated Blanket

Cleaning of The Heated Blanket

Shavel’s electric blankets are easy to maintain. You can use a washing machine and even a dryer. However, do follow instructions on their maintenance manual. Be careful and remember to separate the controller before you wash your electric blanket. Electric parts are very sensitive.

Controllers That Come With A Blanket

This model of electric blankets comes in all four sizes: full, twin, king and queen. For larger sizes of white electric heated blankets, there are two controllers. For the other two there is one. They are easy to use and have 8 heating settings.

White Shavel’s Electric Heated Blanket review

Quality And Affordability Of The Heated Blanket

The Shavel is a quality-focused electric blanket manufacturer. However, their heated blankets are affordable. The price range will vary due to different features of the models.

Warranty For The Heated Blanket

Should you have any issues with Shavel’s electric blanket, contact the manufacturer. They will repair the damage that is covered by the warranty. And register for the warranty on Shavel’s official pages after you purchase the blanket. The warranty lasts 5 years.

Why Should You Purchase It:

  • Available white color blanket
  • Easy to clean
  • 5-year warranty
  • Quality electric blanket

Best White Low Maintenance Heated Blanket

White Beautyrest Quilted Weighted Blanket

Comfortable Material Of The Blanket 

This blanket has a specific quilted fabric that is 100% polyester. Specially designed Mink cove of the warming blanket is made to be heavier. Many customers use it to deal with anxiety. The pressure of the heated blanket keeps them calm.

White Beautyrest Quilted Weighted Blanket

Available Light Colors Of The Blanket

If you are looking for a white-colored heated blanket, the Beautyrest quilted model has it in its offer. It comes in an ivory color tone. This model of the heated blanket is not available in black. But there are other available colors; indigo and grey.

Removable Cover For Easy Cleaning

Beautyrest cover that is made out of mink is easy to maintain. You can remove it and put it in a washing machine. Use the manual for additional instructions. You might need different washing machine settings.

White Beautyrest Quilted Weighted Blanket review

Controller Issues Indicator

If your controller is malfunctioning, that will be indicated by blinking light. In such case, use your warranty to replace the controller. In case your heated blanket is no longer under warranty, buy new controllers. They are available on Amazon.

Preheat The Bead With This Blanket

Set the warmth of your heated blanket on your controllers. There are multiple setting options. Do the warm-up before going to bed. In that way, you will do not have to wait for your bed to get warm.

Why Should You Purchase It:

  • The removable cover of the heated blanket
  • Low maintenance blanket
  • Weighted heated blanket

Best Black And White Heated Trow

Black And White Beautyrest Plush Electric Throw

Fabric Of The Throw

The fabric of the Beautyrest electric throw is made out of microfiber. One side of the heated throw is very soft plush. That material enables maximum comfort.

Beautyrest Cozy Plush Heated Electric Blanket

Colors Of The Heated Throw

Color choice is wide for this model of a heated throw. If you long for a white or black electric throw, this model has it all. There are also other 6 colors you may be interested in.

Electronics For The Throw

When it comes to electronics, the heated throw comes with a wire and two or one controllers. The number of controllers depends on the throw dimensions. You get two with sizes queen and king. Wires are thin and unnoticeable. Controllers have 20 heating settings.

Beautyrest Cozy Plush Heated Electric Blanket review

Electric Throw Safe To Use

The controller is equipped with auto-off after 10 hours. That feature will keep you safe. And it prevents overheating of the blanket. Some potential users may not be able to use this blanket. Carefully read the manual to find out if you might fall under that category.

Same Issues Customers Experienced

The throw is predominantly praised by customers. Nevertheless, some issues that customers experienced are that the throw is noisy and that controllers break. There were also complaints concerning the blanket. Namely, it falls off in the middle of the night.

Why Should You Purchase It:

  • The comfortable fabric of the blanket
  • Safe to use
  • Comes in white color
  • A large number of heating settings

Best White Portable Heated Throw

White Beautyrest Heated Throw With Foot Pocket

Throw That Keeps Your Feet Warm

The throw has one specific feature to keep you warm. Namely, it has foot pockets that ensure the warmth of your feet. Extremely soft plush fabric is an additional characteristic of the heated throw. Choose out of the three heating settings and feel nice and cozy.

White Beautyrest Heated Throw With Foot Pocket

Ivory Color Available

There are not many colors available for this heated throw model. However, you are in luck if you want a white color. There is an ivory white color offered for this heated throw. It does not come in black but you can buy it in grey if you want a darker electric throw.

Cleaning Is Not Problematic

In order to clean your heated throw, use a washing machine. You can also use the dryer. Adjust the settings as it says in the manual instructions. If instructions are followed, the heated throw ill stay in its original state.

White Beautyrest Heated Throw With Foot Pocket review

Limited Size Of The Throw

This model of heated throw does not have queen or king options. This Beautyrest electric throw is meant to be used by one person at the time. That is why it comes in one size; 50×62’’.

Comfortable Heated Throw

Besides the cozy plush fabric of the heated throw, its wires are very thin. These features combined make the blanket very comfortable.  

Why Should You Purchase It:

  • Available ivory color
  • Special design for your feet
  • Easy to clean
  • Very thin wire

Best Twin-Size Black Heated Throw

Black Beautyrest Faux Fur Heated Throw

Fake Fur Fabric

The heated throw is visually different from others. That is due to polyester faux fur material of the warming throw. The electric throw is very soft and thick. You can use it for decoration or as a blanket even if it is not warm.

Black Beautyrest Faux Fur Heated Throw

Black Colored Throw

The throw is not offered in a multitude of colors. However, if you want a black heated throw, this model has that style. There are three other colors in Beautyrest heated throw offer. Most of them are darker but you can choose a champagne color for lighter tones.

One Size Available

The heated throw is limited to one size. That size Fits smaller bed or couch. For exact measurements consult the official Beautyrest website or retailer’s sites.

Black Beautyrest Faux Fur Heated Throw review

Heating and Controller Settings

This model of electric throw does not have that many controller settings. It offers 3 heating settings. That proved as the right amount for many satisfied customers. The controller of the electric throw is user-friendly. Use the controller to heat your blanket.

Clean It In A Washing Machine

Even though the throw visually seems as it might be problematic maintenance-wise, that is not the case. Exactly like with any other throw, use the washing machine, and dryer. The settings are different for the heated throw are you might need to use gentler settings.

Why Should You Purchase It:

  • Black color style
  • User-friendly controllers
  • Thicker material than others

Conclusion: Which Black Or White Electric Throw Should You Buy?

There is a variety of black and white electric blankets and throws offered online. If you do not know where to start and want a white model, I suggest White Beautyrest Heated Throw With Foot Pocket. For large settings options, you might want to try Black And White Beautyrest Plush Electric Throw.

Read even further about various models of electric throws and blankets in my other articles. They explore subjects such as the best rated electric blankets, battery-operated warming blankets, best deals on electric blankets, etc. If you seek something affordable, cheap electric blankets article is a good start.