Best 5 Electric Heated Blankets With Timer For Auto Shut Off

Best 5 Electric Heated Blankets With Timer For Auto Shut Off

Do you want an electric blanket but worry that you might fall asleep while using it? This article offers solutions with models of electric blankets that come with an auto shut off.

Continue reading to find out which model of an electric blanket with timer is the best one for your needs.


Pay Attention To These Characteristics

Sleeping With A Blanket On

If you are looking for an auto-off blanket, you might be worried about falling asleep while your electric blanket is heating. Most electric blankets should come with auto shut-off controllers. That will ensure that the blanket stops heating.

Safe Electric Blankets

Most electric blankets are safe because they come with timers that automatically stop heating after up to 10 hours or they are low voltage-blankets. Low voltage, together with timer for the heated blanket will keep you safe.

Does Controller Have A Programmable Timer?

Check if your heated blanket comes with a programmable timer. As it was mentioned, most blankets will have an auto-off feature on their controllers, but not all will have a timer that you can adjust yourself.

Price Ranges Of Blankets With Timers

The price of the electric blanket with automatic shut off will be determined based on several factors. Some variables are a choice of a manufacturer, size of the blanket, specific model of the heated blanket and a retailer.

Where To Buy Electric Blankets?

You will find electric blankets listed and offered on the pages of a manufacturer. Although, you can also check the websites of different retailers such as Amazon. You might find your preferred model there.

Best 5 Heated Blankets With Auto Shut-Off

Best Double Electric Blanket With Timer

Sunbeam’s Loftec Electric Blanket

Comfortable Heated Blanket

This model of an electric blanket is made out of loftec material. That material is very soft and comforting when you are covered with the electric. The electric blanket is also 100% polyester and contributes to even heat distribution.

Sunbeam Loftec Heated Blanket

Available Blanket Sizes

There are four sizes available for this Sunbeam heated blanket with timer. You can get full or twin if you need something for a smaller bed. If you need a blanket that will cover a larger-sized mattress, try queen or king size.

ThermoFine Technology Of The Blanket

Sunbeam company developed its Thermo fine technology for their electric blankets. That technology enables the electric blanket you buy evenly distributes heat when you are heating your blanket.

Sunbeam Loftec Heated Blanket review

Controller And Timer

The blanket comes with two controllers for larger sizes and a singular controller for smaller sizes. Controllers for electric blanket have 10 levels of heat that you can adjust according to your taste. Also, the controller has 10 hours shut-off.

Sunbeam Controller Issues

If you notice sunbeam electric blanket timer light flashing, that is a sign that the controller is malfunctioning. However, you will get a warranty for the blanket and when it expires; you can buy new controllers from your retailer.

Why Should You Buy It:

  • Evenly distributed heat
  • The controller that is programmable
  • Four available sizes

Best Single Bed Electric Blanket With Timer

Serta’s Sherpa Fleece Heated Blanket

Colors And Material

Serta’s heated blanket with timer comes in six different colors. These colors are beige, chocolate, cobalt, gray, red pepper, and slate blue. The material can be reversed based on your preference. You can choose Sherpa or fleece.

Serta’s Reversible Heated Throw

How To Use The Blanket

The electric blanket with a built-in auto-off is not problematic to use. Turn the knob on the timer to set the preferred heating level of your electric blanket. Most people preheat their bed before going to sleep.

Electric Parts Of The Blanket

The electric blanket with automatic shut-off comes with a controller and a wire inside the blanket. The wire of the heated blanket is made to be very thin and it will not disturb your sleep. The controller is singular due to one available size.

Serta’s Reversible Heated Throw review

Timer For The Blanket

The controller for this model of a heated blanket has 5 levels of heating settings. The controller of the electric blanket comes with an auto shut-off that will stop heating the blanket after 4 hours or use. That feature will keep you safe.

Price Range Of The Blanket

This electric blanket with timer control is available in one size. The size is suitable to cover a smaller-sized bed or a sofa. Therefore, the heated blanket with a timer is one of the inexpensive heated blankets.

Why Should You Buy It:

  • Inexpensive heated blanket
  • Very thin wires
  • User-friendly blanket
  • 4 hours shut-off

Best Auto-Off Oversized Heated Blanket

Beautyrest’s Plush Electric Blanket

Design Of The Throw

The Beautyrest heated throw is designed with a white ogee pattern. That pattern makes the heated blanket stylish and a very light fabric made out of polyester makes the blanket very comfortable. The blanket is also accessible in 9 beautiful colors.

Beautyrest Ogee Oversized Heated Throw

Size And Number Of Controllers

There is one size you can buy for this electric blanket with auto shut off. That size of the electric blanket is an oversized, dimensions of which are 60×70 in. Therefore, when you buy this heated blanket with auto shut-off, you get one controller.

Features Of The Controller

The controller for the Beautysleep heated blanket with timer has three heating settings. Also, the cord that is attached to the controller is 3 feet long. The controller also has a safety timer that will stop the heat after 2 hours.

Beautyrest Ogee Oversized Heated Throw review

Cleaning Of The Blanket

You will be able to clean the heating blanket in a washing machine. However, the electric blanket is a bit more sensitive and needs proper care. When you want to wash the heated blanket, take out electric parts and wash it using gentle cycles.

New Heating Technology

Beautyrest is a company that continually works on innovative technologies and incorporates them in their electric blankets. One of them enables this blanket to pick up the heat surrounding the blanket and adjust the temperature of the blanket accordingly.

Why Should You Buy It:

  • Stylish ogee pattern
  • 2-hour shut-off
  • Innovative heating technology

Best Low-Voltage Auto Shut-Off Electric Blanket

Soft Heat’s Perfect Fit Micro Fleece Heated Blanket

Sizes And Styles

You can buy any of four standard sizes is you like this heated throw. For each electric blanket with timer control, four styles are offered. Colors of these styles are a very neutral natural, slate blue, grey and beige.

Soft Heat Perfect Fit Micro-Fleece Electric Blanket

Programmable Controller Features

The controller for this heated blanket is easy to use. You need to turn the knob on the controller and pick one of 10 settings. Also, some customers appreciate that turning of the button is not loud. You will get two controllers for king and queen size.

Low Voltage Blanket

What makes this electric blanket with timer one of the best and safest heated blankets is its low voltage. Because of that feature, the heated blanket can be used by animals and it will not overheat after some time.

Soft Heat Perfect Fit Micro-Fleece Electric Blanket review

Online Instructions For The Blanket

If you think that the use of this electric blanket with the programmable timer will be problematic, do not worry. The retailer offers video instructions that might offer an answer to some of your questions on how to use the blanket.

Warranty Perfect Fit Provides

Perfect Fit offers a warranty that covers defects on the blankets in a timeframe of 5 years. However, some of the malfunctionings might not be covered by the warranty. After registering for the warranty, read which damage it covers.

Why Should You Buy It:

  • Saves on electricity
  • The controller is not loud
  • 5-year warranty

Best Cheap Auto-Off Electric Blanket

Sunbeam’s Velvet Plush Electric Blanket

Fabric And Colors Available

The fabric of the heated blanket is very soft and a bit heavy velvet plush. Also, the fabric for the electric blanket is 100% polyester. There are 7 colors available for this electric blanket with automatic shut-off.

Sunbeam Velvet Heated Blanket

Auto-off Feature Of Controllers

Feel free to fall asleep with this electric blanket because it has a programmable timer. The timer of the heated blanket will make sure that the blanket shuts-off after 10 hours of heating. That will keep you safe.

Variety Of Controllers

Multiple controllers are available for this heated blanket with auto shut-off. Some controllers for the heated blanket that are available digitally display the temperature. Others offer a know that you turn to adjust the temperature.

Sunbeam Velvet Heated Blanket review

Cheap Heated Blanket

Sunbeam offers the cheapest electric blankets available online. Especially when you need a blanket of smaller dimensions. They are great if you are on a budget but need a heated blanket that is safe and comfortable.

Sunbeam’s Customer Service

In case you have an issue with the controller you can call Sunbeam’s free number. For example, if you notice Sunbeam electric blanket timer off flashing. That is a sign of a malfunctioning controller.

Why Should You Buy It:

  • Very comfortable fabric
  • Not expensive heated blanket
  • 6 colors available

Conclusion: Start With These Best Electric Blankets With Timer

Most electric blankets will come with auto shut-off feature on their controller. However, I separated the softest and safest heated blankets for you. For the softest blanket, try Sunbeam’s Velvet Plush Electric Blanket. For the safest blanket, buy Soft Heat’s Perfect Fit Micro Fleece Heated Blanket.

Do you want to continue reading about electric blankets? I have more material for you. Read about battery operated heated blankets if you need a blanket that you can use outside. If you have a certain budget but need a larger-sized blanket, you might enjoy the article on cheap queen-sized electric blankets.