Top 5 Dual Control Electric Heated Blankets In 2022 Reviews

Best 5 Dual Control Electric Heated Blankets In 2020 Reviews

Looking for a dual control electric blanket that will keep you and your family warm? I have listed the best dual control heated blankets on the market.

Read the article to find out more about their properties and what is important to check when buying a dual control heated blanket.


Best Dual Electric Blanket Characteristics

Dimensions Of The Heated Blanket

If you are looking for a dual control heated blanket, dimensions available will be crucial for you. Namely, not every electric will come with double dual control. Check if the heated blanket comes in two larger sizes; queen and king.

Dual Controllers For The Blanket

The way the double heated dual control works is that you can independently heat two sides of the blanket. That feature of the dual-zone electric blanket is ideal is the heated blanket is used by two people who prefer different temperatures of the blanket.

Safe Heated Blanket

If you are concerned about the safety of your dual-sided heated blanket, check these features of the blanket: voltage and a built-in auto-off. The best and safest dual control electric blanket will operate using a low voltage and have an automatic shut-off feature.

Accessible Dual Electric Blanket

Dual-zone heated blankets will be accessible online via the official pages of the manufacturer. You may also choose a different route when buying a dual heated blanket. Namely, you can buy via websites such as Amazon.

Price That Is Right For You

The price of the dual-sided heated blankets will vary. However, considering that they are dual control electric blankets, they will be more expensive because larger blankets are pricier. Other factors that determine the price are a model of the blanket and a manufacturer.

Best 5 Dual Heated Blanket Models

Best King Size Electric Blanket Dual Control

Sunbeam’s King-Sized Velvet Plush Heated Blanket

Limited Colors Available

There are three colors available for this king-size dual control heated blanket. You can purchase the navy blue, ivory, red, or chocolate color of this model of the king-sized dual electric blanket. All of them will be 100% polyester plush.

Sunbeam’s King-Sized Velvet Plush Heated Blanket

Maintenance Of The Blanket

This king-sized heated blanket with dual control is safe to wash in a washing machine and it can be dried in a dryer.  Even though the king blanket with a dual controller is a larger one, you can fit it in a washing machine and a dryer.

Multiple Heating Levels

Each controller that you get for this heated blanket will come with 20 heating levels. Most models of the heating blankets have 3-10 controller levels. You can choose the setting using the controller. Also, the controllers will stop heating after 10 hours.

Sunbeam’s King-Sized Velvet Plush Heated Blanket review

King Size Dual Control

The electric king-sized blanket with dual controllers is easy to heat using the controller. The heating of the dual control heating blanket will occur on both sides of the blanket but the heating will be different for two halves of the blanket.

Warranty For The Blanket

Sunbeam’s king-sized electric blanket warranty will last you 5-years. However, you will need to find the form which you need to fill if you want to register for the warranty. What is more, the warranty will not cover any damage.


  • Three available colors
  • 20 levels of heat
  • Low-maintenance

Best Dual Control Electric Blanket Queen

Soft Heat’s Queen-Sized Triple Rib Blanket

Sizes That Are Offered

You can buy this dual-zone electric blanket in all four sizes. These sizes are full, twin, queen, and king size. In case you are looking for a dual control heated blanket, I recommend that you opt for king or queen sizes because they have double controllers.

Soft Heat Ultra Soft Plush Electric Blanket

Design Of The Blanket

The king and queen-sized double control electric blanket is made out of very soft micro plush fabric. The electric blanket also features the triple-rib design that makes the blanket distinguishable and stylish.

Safe Electric Blanket

The safety of this model of the dual controlled heated blanket is guaranteed because of its low voltage and auto-off feature. Namely, the double controlled heated blanket uses only 25 volts in order to operate. Also, it will cease heating after 10 hours.

Soft Heat Ultra Soft Plush Electric Blanket review

Can Be Used By Pets

Most electric blankets cannot be used by pets because they tend to overheat. However, this model of a king or queen double controlled heated blanket is safe for your cats and dogs due to its low voltage and low EMF.

Economical Heated Blanket

Using this electric double controlled blanket will save you money. As it was mentioned, the electric blanket does not use much voltage, although it has double controllers. Also, it is approximated that the blanket uses between .01 and .10 cents of kilowatts per night.


  • Blanket safe for pets
  • Certified as safe by UL
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Uses less than 25 volts

Best Double Bed Electric Blanket With Dual Control

Sunbeam’s Soft Microplush Heated Blanket

Fabric Of The Blanket

The fabric of this dual controlled heated blanket is a comforting micro plush. That fabric is frequently used in the making of heating blankets because of its very soft material. Also, micro plush enables even distribution of the heat.

Sunbeam Microplush Electric Blanket Throw

Dimensions Of The Blanket

For this model of a heated blanket, four sizes are available. Two smaller sizes of a heated blanket are twin which is 62x84in, and full which is 72x84in. If you seek a larger heated comforter, buy queen which is 84c90in, or king which is 100x90in.

User-Friendly Dual Controllers

If you want a dual control for your heated blanket, choose king or queen sizes. They come with double controllers that are easy to use and display the heating level digitally.

Sunbeam’s Soft Microplush Heated Blanket review

Taking Into Consideration Of Atmospheric Heat

What makes the overheating of the heated blanket less likely is its self-adjustment. Namely, the controllers for the blanket will take into consideration the surrounding heat of the room and adjust to prevent overheating.

Affordability Of The Blanket

This electric blanket is not one of the cheapest on the market. However, it is affordable considering that larger queen and king sizes are not pricy as other manufacturer’s blankets. However, that did not affect the quality to a large extent.


  • Digital display of a heating level
  • Easy to use the blanket
  • All four dimensions available

Best Double Electric Over Blanket Dual Control

Thermee’s Double Heated Flannel Blanket

Multiple Styles Of The Blanket

Thermee’s heated blanket comes in a variety of colors and styles. They vary from lighter to darker tones and some patterns such as plaid or pine bough.  All heated blanket styles come in dual controlled king, and queen sizes.

Thermee’s Double Heated Flannel Blanket

Features Of Controllers

Dual controllers for larger sizes of the heated blanket, queen and king, display the same characteristics. Namely, when you use them, you can choose out of 8 different heating levels. Also, the controller will automatically stop the heat after several hours of use.

Safe Heated Blanket

The heated dual controlled heated blanket is safe to use. You can even fall asleep when the blanket is on and it will not be harmful. That is due to its previously mentioned auto-off feature of double controllers for the heated blanket.

Thermee’s Double Heated Flannel Blanket review

Cleaning Of The Blanket

Clearing of the blanket is a matter of using a washing machine and dryer. The material of the blanket will not alter in any way if you follow the instructions portrayed in the manual. Do not forget to remove the electric parts before washing the blanket.

What To Do In Case Controllers Malfunction

In case your controllers for the blanket stop working or you experience some other issue, Thermee’s customer service will have you covered. You also get a warranty for the heated blanket that will expire in 5 years.


  • Safe auto-off blanket
  • Washing machine safe blanket
  • 5-year warranty for the blanket
  • 8 heating settings

Best Electric Under Blanket With Dual Control

Sunbeam’s Quilted Fleece Heated Blanket

Material Of The Electric Blanket

For the manufacturing of this electric blanket, the quilted fleece was used. That material makes a very comfortable and soft heated double zone electric blanket. It is also easy to clear this material because the blanket is a washing machine safe.

Sunbeam Quilted Fleece Warming Blanket

Available Sizes For The Blanket

There are 4 sizes for this electric blanket that you can buy. However, if you want a double control for your heated blanket, king and queen are the best choices for you.

Dual Controllers And Their Characteristics

Double zones of the heated blanket are available with queen and king sizes. You can separately heat two zones of the electric blanket and adjust the temperature by using one of 10 different warming levels on the controller. The controller also has an auto-off after 10 hours.

Sunbeam Quilted Fleece Warming Blanket review

Detect Issues With A Sunbeam Blanket

Defects with the Sunbeam electric blankets are easily detectable. Most customers had issues with double controllers. Contact the customer service if you notice that your controllers are blinking red light.

Affordable Dual Controlled Electric Blanket

This model of heated blankets with dual controllers is affordable. However, that is sometimes reflected in the frequency of malfunctioning that customers experience when they use the heated blanket.


  • Very soft quilted fleece material
  • Easy to detect controller issues
  • Affordable heated blanket

Conclusion: Which Double Heated Blanket With Dual Controller To Buy?

It can be hard to choose only one dual control heated blanket because there are many on the market. Nevertheless, you can start with a very comfortable dual-controlled Soft Heat’s Queen-Sized Triple Rib Blanket. If you are worried about the safety of a blanket, purchase Thermee’s Double Heated Flannel Blanket.

Are you still puzzled about which electric blanket is the best to buy? Inform yourself further with my other articles. You will find out more about economical low voltage electric blankets. What is more, you will also read about portable cordless battery operated heated blankets.