Best 5 Electric Heated Car Blanket Warmer In 2022 Reviews

Best 5 Electric Heated Car Blanket Warmer In 2020 Reviews

Do you need an electric car blanket but cannot decide which one to buy? This article reviews various models of heated car blankets that might be just what you are looking for.

What is more, the article will inform you about various technicalities that you should check before you buy an electric blanket for your car.


Features Of The Best Electric Car Blankets

Easy To Store Heated Blanket

Car blankets should be practical and their dimensions should make them easy to store. Make sure that the electric heated car blanket has foldable wires and that its material is lightweight. Some blankets might come with their bags.

Cable Suitable For The Car

The only electronic part of the warmer car blanket is the cable that sometimes features the controller. The cord of the car heated blanket usually can be plugged into any cigarette lighter that you have in your vehicle.

Safe Heated Blankets

The electric blanket that plugs into the car operates using only 12v. That makes the blanket less likely to overheat. Some electric blankets that plug into cars even have the controller. The timer of the controller will make the blanket even safer.

Where To Buy An Electric Blanket?

Electric blankets for cars and other vehicles are available via the websites of their manufacturers. Another option is buying a heated car blanket from retailers such as Amazon. Retailers might offer you frequent discounts and better deals.

Affordability Of Car Blankets

Heated blankets that plug in the car are usually affordable. That is because such models of electric blankets for cars are of smaller dimensions, i.e. large enough to cover one person. Warming car blankets are also very simple in their design, additional reason why they are less expensive.

Best 5 Electric Car Blankets Reviews

Best Plug-In Electric Blanket For Car

Stalwart 12v Electric Heated Car Blanket

Colors And Material

There are multiple options when it comes to the colors of this blanket. You can buy the heated car blanket in green, black & white, red, orange, blue, and gray colors. The style of the blanket is a plaid pattern. The material of the electric car blanket is soft polyester.

Stalwart 12v Electric Heated Car Blanket

Size Of The Blanket

The size of the electric blanket for travel is 59x43in. The size of the heated blanket for your car is large enough to cover one person. What is more, it will not take up a lot of space and it will be light on you.

How To Heat The Car Blanket

The heated car blanket is suitable for a cigarette lighter that most vehicles already have. The electric blanket has to be plugged in and it will start heating. The heated blanket for a car does not have timer or heating levels.

Stalwart’s Fleece Low Voltage Throw

Washing Of The Blanket

This electric blanket cannot be washed in a washing machine. Therefore, you will have to wash the warming blanket for your car by hand after your road trip. You can also spot wash the heated blanket.

Practical For Travel 

The heated travel blanket is lightweight and it does not take up a lot of space. What is more, the electric blanket comes with the bag in which you can store an easily foldable heated blanket. Another feature that makes it practical for travel is its plug that is suitable for vehicles.

Why Should You Buy It:

  • Lightweight electric blanket
  • Comes in multiple plaid colors
  • Suitable for most vehicles

Best Cheap 12v Car Blanket

Car Cozy Heated Travel Blanket

Advantages Of The Fabric

The fabric of the electric car blanket is a very comfortable fleece. The material of the heated blanket is 100% polyester. Some advantages of the fabric except comfort are that the blanket will last you a long time and it makes the blanket lightweight.

Car Cozy 12v Heated Travel Blanket

Timer For Heating

Most heated blankets that are made for different types of vehicles do not have a timer and you have to remember to plug out the blanket. This model of the electric blanket features a timer that also has auto-off.

Size And Styles

The dimension of this heated blanket for a car is 58x42in. The electric blanket can be used as a wrap for an adult person or to cover at least 2 people. Styles that are available for this blanket are limited. You can buy a navy or plaid. Plaid comes in red and black & white.

Car Cozy 12v Heated Travel Blanket review

Safe Heated Blanket

The electric blanket for your car is safe to use. That is because the warming blanket is made to plug into the cigarette lighter that many vehicles have. As a result, the heated electric car blanket will not use more than 12 volts.

Price Of The Electric Blanket

This blanked is not the cheapest heated blanket that you can buy for your car. However, it is an ideal balance of quality electric blanket for your car that can cover at least two people and price that makes the blanket affordable.

Why Should You Buy It:

  • Very comfortable and long-lasting fabric
  • The blanket has the timer
  • Affordable and quality heated blanket
  • Safe to use

Best Heated Lap Blanket For Car

Zone Tech Car Heated Travel Blanket

Comfortable Electric Blanket

The electric blanket is very comfortable and cozy because of its wires and material. Most customers use it even if the blanket is not heating. The wires make the blanket foldable and the fabric is comfortable polyester.

Zone Tech Car Heated Travel Blanket

Size And Color

This heated blanket of your car comes in only one size and color. The exact dimensions of this model of electric 12v blanket for your car are 40x56in. The only available color for the heated car blanket is the classic black.

Controller For The Blanket

The controller that comes with the heated blanket features the timer that can be set for 45 minutes. That characteristic is important for your safety when you are using the blanket because it prevents it from overheating. You can also regulate the temperature with the controller.

Zone Tech Car Heated Travel Blanket review

Heating Technology Of The Blanket

Zone Tech company continually works on its heating car products. This model of heated car blanket features Zone Tech’s technology that includes the fabric with infrared warming that rapidly heats the blanket.

Suitable For You Car

The electric 12v car blanket is easily foldable, heats fast and it is made out of high tech and durable material. What is more, the blanket’s plug connected to the timer and heating regulator is ideal for any vehicle.

Why Should You Buy It:

  • Comes with controller
  • High tech heating technology
  • Easily foldable electric blanket

Best Heated Blanket For Car Seat

Sojoy 12v Heated Car Seat Cover

Bundle Of Cover And Blanket

Dimensions of this heated electric blanket that is made for your car are 60x40in. The heated blanket that is burgundy comes with the heated cover that can be adjusted to your seat and that cover is black.

Sojoy 12v Heated Car Seat Cover

Controller Of The Blanket

The controllers for the cover and the blanket are separate. That means you will not be able to heat them in the cigarette lighter socket at the same time. Both controllers have timers that can be set for 30, 45, or 60 minutes.

Safe Heated Blanket

Both heated seat cover and the blanket are safe to use. That is because they are heated by the cigarette lighter socket that does not allow more than 12 volts for heating of the blanket. The mentioned timer that stops the blanket from overheating is also the element that will make you safe.

Sojoy 12v Heated Car Seat Cover review

Price Of The Car Seat Cover

The price of this bundle that consists of the heated cover for your car seat and the electric low voltage blanket is affordable considering that you get both heating products. What is more, you will get a larger size blanket for an affordable price.

Return Policy For The Blanket

In case you are not satisfied with your bundle of heated products, you can return it in 30 days after you buy the blanket and cushion cover. It is important to the company that you are satisfied with your product.

Why Should You Buy It:

  • You get seat cover and blanket
  • Affordable bundle
  • Timer and separate controllers
  • 30-day return policy

Best Electric Blanket With Car Adapter

Camco Multi-Purpose Fleece Car Blanket

The Fabric Of The Blanket

The fabric that is used for this model of low voltage heated blanket is polar fleece. That model is a great choice for heated blankets because it aids in faster conduction of warmth, it will last you a long time and it is high in plushness.

Camco Multi-Purpose Fleece Car Blanket

Low Voltage Electric Car Blanket

This electric 12-volt car blanket is safe to use because it operates using only 12 volts. You can plug it into the power outlet that most cars have. That also makes it multi-purpose and practical for any camping or vehicle.

Dimensions Of The Blanket

The warming car blanket is not large but it should be large enough to cover one person. Dimensions of the heated low voltage blanket are 43x59in. That size also makes it practical for storage.

Camco Multi-Purpose Fleece Car Blanket review

Use It For Survival Kit

As it was already mentioned, the blanket will not take up a lot of space and because of its material, it will heat very fast. Therefore, many customers use this electric car blanket as part of their survival kits.

Price Of The Blanket

This electric heated car blanket is affordable. That is because it does not feature controllers, its design is very simple and it is easy to use it. What is more, the blanket is not large and that affects the price.

Why Should You Buy It:

  • Affordable heated blanket
  • Easy to use
  • Low voltage electric car blanket

Conclusion: Which Heated Blanket For Your Car Should You Purchase?

Are you still indecisive on which electric blanket for your should you buy? For start, you can try a very comfortable Stalwart 12v Electric Heated Car Blanket. In case you have a budget but still need a heated car blanket that has all the important features, I suggest Car Cozy Heated Travel Blanket.

Do you want to read more on how to buy the best electric blanket? I have more articles about various models of heated blankets that might interest you. In case you want a larger blanket that is ideal for preheating the bed, read about king size electric blankets. If a portable blanket for camping is something that you need or want to gift, I suggest reading about portable heated blankets.