Best 5 Snuggie Electric Heated Blankets With Sleeves Reviews

Do you need a blanket you can wear at home or the office? Read further to find out about the best electric snuggie that will cover all your needs.

The article offers reviews of various heated blankets with sleeves and their advantages. Learn what you should pay attention to when buying a heated wearable blanket.


Characteristics Of Heated Wearable Blankets

Design Of The Heated Blanket

All heated blanket you purchase will arrive with a blanket, cord, and controller. When you want an electric blanket with sleeves, search for snuggies. Such heated blanket models will have sleeves and be practical as they do not slip off.

Features Of Electric Parts

Electric parts of the blanket, cord, and controller, will vary concerning technicalities. Check the length of the wire that is hidden in the electric heated snuggie. The controller for the wearable blankets has up to 5 heating levels and an auto-off feature.

Price Of Heated Wearable Blanket

Electric snuggie blankets with sleeves are smaller dimension heated blankets. That is why they are more affordable than larger dimensions of heated throws and blankets. The price also differs depending on the model and manufacturer.

Warranty For The Blanket

Check the warranty for the heated throw with sleeves. Warranties for that type of heated blanket will expire within 3 to 5 years. Different manufacturers offer various conditions so do not forget to register and read your rights.

Where To Buy The Snuggie?

Electric snuggies with sleeves are available on the official websites of manufacturers. However, you can also visit sites of different retailers such as Amazon. You might get the same product for a lower price.

Best 5 Snuggie Electric Blankets

Best Wearable Heated Blanket With Sleeves

Sharper Image Heated Wearable Blanket

Material And Colors Available

The material of the heated wearable blanket is a 100% polyester soft plush. If you like this model of the heated blanket with sleeves, you can purchase it in two different colors. Namely, you can choose a dark blue or tan color.

Sharper Image Heated Wearable Blanket

Wearable Design Of The Blanket

The heated throw with sleeves is ideal for office or home use. That is because of its wearable design that features sleeves. Because of that, the heated blanket does not slip off and you can wear it without being self-conscious about it.

Size And Weight

One size is available for this model of Sharper Image’s electric snuggie blanket with sleeves. That size of the electric blanket is large enough to fit all. The shipping weight of the electric blanket snuggie is four pounds.

Sharper Image Heated Wearable Blanket review

Heating Settings For The Snuggie

Since there is one available size for the heated snuggie blanket, you get a singular controller. The controller for the electric blanket with sleeves has three levels of heat. Also, the controller stops heating after 2 hours of use.

Cleaning Of The Wearable Blanket

According to the website of the manufacturer, when you want to clean this heated blanket you should handwash it. That is because the blanket is sensitive. Also do not forget to remove the controller before doing so.

Why Should You Buy It:

  • The soft material of the blanket
  • Wearable design with sleeves
  • Auto-off feature

Best Stylish Heated Snuggie

Beautyrest Fleece Heated Blanket

Material And Its Advantages

The material used when making the heated throw with sleeves is 100% polyester fleece. Some advantages of that material are that the electric wearable blanket will be very soft but also that it enables equal heat distribution.

Beautyrest Fleece Snuggle Wrap

Styles You Can Purchase

For this heated electric snuggie, multiple styles are available for purchase. That is to say, you can choose out of 10 available styles for this electric wrap snuggie. What is more, the choices are very stylish, which may be a plus is you intend it using in the office.

Size And Design

One size can be bought for this model of the heated throw with sleeves. Dimensions of that size of the heated wrap are 50x60in. This size is suitable to cover an adult. That is to say, an adult might wear it because the design has sleeves.

Beautyrest Fleece Snuggle Wrap review

Safety Of The Heated Blanket

You can relax when using a heated wearable blanket. That is because one of the features of the controller is that it stops heating after a couple of hours of use. Also, the wearable electric blanket is ETL and UL certified.

Warranty And Return Policy

If you feel that you are dissatisfied with the electric snuggie with sleeves, you can return it within 30 days. In case you have issues with a product, you also have a 5-year warranty for this blanket.

Why Should You Buy It:

  • Multiple styles available
  • Safe heated blanket
  • The material enables equal heat distribution
  • You may return it within a month

Best Lightweight Electric Wrap Snuggie

Sunbeam’s Heated Throw With Pockets

Limited Colors And Sizes

This Sunbeam’s electric blanket with sleeves is offered in two different colors and only one size with pockets for hands. Colors of the snuggie heated blanket that you can order are sand and garnet. Dimensions of one size available are 25x57in.

Sunbeam Royalmink Throw

Sunbeam’s ThermoFine Technology

What differentiated the hated wearable snuggie with sleeves from others is the Sunbeam’s ThermoFine technology. Namely, Sunbeam’s blankets are equipped with this technology that enables equal distribution of the heat.

Washing Of The Heated Throw

The washing of the heated throw is easy. You may use the washing machine to wash your electric blanket. However, you cannot wash it using the same settings as other blankets as heated blankets are more sensitive.

Sunbeam Royalmink Throw review

Affordable Heated Throw

Sunbeam features one of the most affordable heated blankets and throws on the market. You can get this wearable heated snuggie for even a lower price if you buy it when it is discounted or if you buy a used one via Amazon.

Detecting Issues With Controller And Repair

Most customers have issues with the controller. You will notice that something if off with the controller when you see the red light blinking. If your 5-year warranty expired, you can buy a new controller via retailers or Sunbeam’s official site.

Why Should You Buy It:

  • It has pockets
  • ThermoFine heating technology
  • Washing machine safe

Best Auto-Off Heated Throw With Sleeves

Comfort Spaces Microplush Heated Wrap

Reversible Electric Wrap

This model of the heated blanket with sleeves has a reversible side. That is, you may cover yourself with a microlight top or reverse when using the electric heated wrap. Both sides of the electric blanket are heated.

Comfort Spaces Microplush Heated Wrap

Shape Of The Throw

Unlike other heated wearable snuggies, this model does not have sleeves. Hoverer, the electric blanket is U-shaped and can be worn. This design of the electric heated snuggie also prevents it from falling off.

Features Of Controller

You will get one controller when you purchase this electric heated snuggie. The controller for the wearable electric blanket has three heating settings. These settings of the heated throw are low, medium and high.

Comfort Spaces Microplush Heated Wrap review

Characteristic Of The Cord

The cord that is hidden in the heated throw is flexible and makes the blanket even more comfortable. Furthermore, the cord fo the controller is three feet long and the power cord is six feet long.

Taking Care Of The Material

Electric parts of the blanket seem intimidating for some customers and they worry if the maintenance of eh blanket will be an issue. The maintenance is simple because you use the washing machine and dryer to clean the blanket.

Why Should You Buy It:

  • Long cord for the controller
  • U-shaped blanket featuring sleeves
  • Reversible fabric Of The Throw
  • Three Controller Levels

Best Wearable Electric Blanket For Office

Comfort Spaces Sherpa Heated Blanket

Styles And Dimension

This wearable electric heated snuggie comes in four styles: grey, ogee aqua, ogee navy, red plaid, and tan plaid. One size is available if you like this model of a heated wearable throw. Dimensions of that size are 50x64in.

Comfort Spaces Sherpa Heated Blanket

Save Money Using The Blanket

When using this wearable snuggie, you can save money. That is possible with this heated throw because you will not have to heat your entire house. What is more, the blanket does not require much energy when heating.

How To Use The Snuggie

The electric wearable snuggie is easy to use. It features U shaped design that will not slip off. You can preheat the electric throw before use or heat is using the controller when you put it on. You can also heat the couch or a chair with the snuggie.

Comfort Spaces Sherpa Heated Blanket review

Wrap That Is Not Hazardous

The wearable electric snuggie is an ETL certified one. Also, according to the official website of the manufacturer, it does not emit electromagnetic radiation. Additionally, the heated throw’s controller has a built-in auto-off feature.

Heating Therapy Option

You may use this wearable electric snuggie to ease your pain. That is to say, the heat that the wearable electric blanket omits may improve your circulation or ease the pain you may experience from a sore muscle.

Why Should You Buy It:

  • User-friendly snuggie
  • Snuggie that saves you money
  • It will not harm you

Conclusion: Which Electric Snuggie Blanket Should You Buy?

Are you still unsure of which model of a heated blanket with sleeves to choose? You will not regret buying a very comfortable and lightweight Sunbeam’s Heated Throw With Pockets. In case you need something wearable and stylish for the office, try Beautyrest Fleece Heated Blanket.

Do you want to read further for the best deals on the electric blankets? I have other articles that might help you find the most suitable heated blanket for you. In case an economical and pet-friendly electric blanket is what you need, read about 12v electric blankets.