Best 5 Faux-Fur Electric Heated Blanket Picks In 2022 Reviews

Best 5 Faux-Fur Electric Heated Blanket Picks In 2020 Reviews

Do you have a specific style of a faux-fur blanket that will fit in the design of your home?

Read about selected models of faux-fur electric blankets and throws. They might be just what you are looking for. You will be informed of what to look for when buying your blanket.


Technicalities Concerning Heated Blankets

Material Of The Blanket

The material of the heated blanket is important if you are looking for a specific look for your blanket such as faux-fur. Most of the faux-fur electric blankets on the market are 100% polyester, thick and very comfortable.

Electric Parts For The Blanket

When you purchase the heated blanket, you get a faux-fur throw, controller and cords. One cord for the electric faux-fur blanket is hidden in the blanket and attached to the controller. Another cord for the heated blanket is a power cord.

Safety Of Heated Throws

Many electric faux-fur blankets are ETL or UL certified as proof of their safety. Additional features that heated blankets have to ensure that they are not hazardous are auto-off on the controller and low voltage of the blankets.

Electric Blanket’s Affordability

Electric Faux-fur blankets tend to be more expensive in comparison to other models of regular heated blankets. However, the price will still vary depending on the manufacturer and dimensions of the faux-fur heated throw.

Where To Purchase The Throw?

You can purchase the electric blanket faux-fur via the official website of the manufacturer. There is also another option when it comes to buying the heated fur throw. Namely, you can buy them at a good price from retailers such as Amazon.

Best 5 Faux-fur Electric Throw Blankets

Best Oversized Heated Fake Fur Throw

Beautyrest Faux-fur Heated Throw

Multiple Styles Of The Blanket

This electric warming blanket might be just for you if you are searching for the blanket in a specific faux-fur color. You can choose one of 7 Beautyrest faux-fur electric heated blankets models. Their colors vary from the darkest chocolate color to the lightest snow leopard.

Beautyrest Zuri Oversized Heated Faux Fur Throw

Electric Parts And Their Characteristics

Electric parts for the heated faux-fur throw that you get with the blanket are the controller and a wire. The controller offers three heating levels for the heated electric blanket. It also has an auto-off feature after several hours it operates.

Price Of The Heated Throw

Beautyrest company offers good quality electric blankets. These blankets were perfected over Beautyrest’s long history of production. That is also reflected in the price of the heated faux-fur electric blankets.

Beautyrest Zuri Oversized Heated Faux Fur Throw review

Therapeutic Electric Blanket

One of the advantages of this heated blanket is that it can ease your pain. That is to say, the blankets might be good for you in case you suffer from aching joints or need soothing warmth for your sore muscles.

Warranty For The Blanket

The warranty for the electric faux-fur blanket will expire after 5 years. However, do not forget to register for your heated blanket warranty on Beautyrest’s official website. Your rights might vary based on the state.

Why Should You Buy It:

  • Multiple styles available
  • A good quality electric blanket
  • 5-year warranty for the blanket

Best Auto-Off Faux-fur Electric Throw

Luxe Acrylic Heated Faux-fur Throw

Comfortable Material Of The Blanket

What makes this model of the heated faux-fur comfortable is its 100% polyester acrylic plush. Most customers use this electric fur blanket even when they do not heat the throw because of its warmth and soft material.

Luxe Acrylic Heated Faux-fur Throw

Auto-Of Controller Feature

The heated blanket comes in a sole 50x60in dimensions. That is why it comes with a singular controller. The controller has 4 levels of heat. What is more, the throw will automatically stop heating after 4 hours for your safety.

Washing And Drying

The heated blanket is low maintenance because you can wash it in a washing machine. However, if you want the blanket to stay in its original state, you will need to wash it on lower settings and tumble dry.

Luxe Acrylic Heated Faux-fur Throw review

Heating Of The Faux-fur Heated Blanket

The blanket is designed to heat equally because of its wires that are in the blanket and material that equally distributes the heat. Also, heating of the blanket is not demanding. All you need to do is choose the preferred heating setting on the controller.

Certifications For The Throw

The heated faux-fur electric throw is safe to use and it has ETL certifications that are proof of that. ETL certification also guarantees that the heated blanket is innovative and of good quality.

Why Should You Buy It:

  • Safe to use
  • 4 levels of heating
  • Auto-off feature for the controller
  • ETL certified throw

Best Reversible Faux-fur Heated Blanket

Serta Heated Electric Honeycomb Faux-fur Throw

Thick And Stylish Material

Serta’s electric heated faux-fur blanket has a recognizable honeycomb design. That design of the electric faux-fur throw makes the blanket thicker than others. The material of the heated faux-fur throw is also 100% polyester.

Serta Heated Electric Honeycomb Faux Fur Throw

Dimensions Of The Throw

This model of the heated throw does not have multiple sizes available. That is to say, you can buy only one 50x60in dimension of the throw. That size of the electric blanket is a large enough size to cover two people.

Controller Settings And Auto-Off

The controller for the heated faux-fur blanket has 5 heating settings that you can work with. If you are worried about your safety when using the heated throws, there is a built-in auto-off feature. That feature stops the throw from heating after 4 hours.

Serta Heated Electric Honeycomb Faux Fur Throw review

Electric Blanket Price

Due to its specific design, the thickness of the material and the good quality of the heated faux-fur blanket, its price is higher. That is, it is more expensive than other models of the similarly designed and sized blankets.

How To Wash The Blanket

The heated faux-fur blanket is easy to wash because it is machine washable. Just remember to take out electric parts because they are not water-resistant and they will get damaged in the washing machine.

Why Should You Buy It:

  • Recognizable honeycomb design
  • 5 heating settings of the controller
  • A good investment blanket

Best Lightweight Faux-fur Electric Throw

Sunbeam Faux-fur Heated Throw

Colors And Material

There are limited colors available for this lightweight heated faux-fur throw. Namely, you can buy only a darker walnut color. The material of the electric heated blanket is a very soft micro plush material that is made out of polyester.

Sunbeam Faux-fur Heated Throw

Dimensions Of The Throw

Just as with the colors, dimensions for the electric faux-fur blanket are also limited. There is one available dimension for the heated faux-fur blanket: 9 x 12 x 9 inches. The weight of the blanket is 3.7 pounds.

Sunbeam’s ThermoFine Technology

What makes the Sunbeam heated blankets innovative and different is the ThermoFine technology. That technology for the heated blankets enables that the blanket’s warmth is distributed equally after it is warmed.

Sunbeam Faux-fur Heated Throw review

Controller For The Faux-fur Blanket

For this model of the heated faux-fur blanket, you get one controller. According to the retailer’s website, the controller you get for the controller will vary. However, the controller will have 3 heating settings and an auto-off feature.

Therapeutic Heated Blanket

The blanket can be used for therapy. Many people report using Sunbeam’s heated blankets and their warmth to soothe their anxiety. The heated blanket can also help with other pain that you might cope with, such as sore muscles.

Why Should You Buy It:

  • Soothing in case of anxiety
  • Innovative TermoFine technology
  • Can be used for heating therapy
  • Auto-off controller feature

Best Queen-Sized Heated Blanket Faux-fur

MP2 Microlight Faux-fur Heated Blanket

Variety Of Colors Available

For this model of a heated faux-fur throw, there are 9 colors available. They are mostly lighted toned faux-fur electric throws, but most customers are able to find the style they like. Some popular styles are green and aqua.

MP2 Microlight Faux-fur Heated Blanket

Sizes For The Blanket

This electric faux-fur blanket comes in 5 different sizes. Available sizes of the electric faux-fur blanket and throw are 50×60 throw size, queen, king, full, and, twin size. Purchase queen and king size if you need to cover a larger bed.

Controller For The Heated Blanket

The number of controllers depends on the size of the faux-fur electric blanket or throws. For two larger dimensions of the electric throw, king and queen, you get a dual controller. The controllers have 20 levels of heating settings and an auto-off after 10 hours.

MP2 Microlight Faux-fur Heated Blanket review

Return And Warranty

The warranty for the heated faux-fur throw lasts for 5 years. The warranty covers the damage that is caused by a manufacturer. In case something is wrong with the blanket, you can return it within the first 30 days.

Hazardous For Some People

Do not purchase this faux-fur heated blanket if you have diabetes or other conditions that are listed in the manual. What is more, pets and children cannot use this electric faux-fur blanket.

Why Should You Buy It:

  • Can be returned within 30 days period
  • Multiple styles available
  • 5-year warranty

Conclusion: Which Electric Faux-fur Blanket Should You Buy?

The model of the electric heated faux-fur blanket you should purchase depends on your preferences. If you want a heavier weighted blanket that will be soothing for your anxiety, buy Sunbeam Faux-fur Heated Throw. If you are worried about the blanket might be potentially hazardous, buy a safe Luxe Acrylic Heated Faux-fur Throw.

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