Best 5 USB Powered Electric Heated Blankets In 2022 Reviews

Are you looking for a USB heated blanket that is practical for use when you aren’t near the socket?

This article reviews different USB powered heated blanket models that might be just what you need.

Read the article to find out how to find the best USB electric blanket on the market and which technicalities should you take into consideration when buying a USB blanket.


Features Of The Best USB Blankets

Material Of The Electric Blanket

The material of the USB blanket should be comfortable and aid in even distribution of heat. Most of the materials that are used for the electric blankets are high in plushness and cozy. However, some materials such as plush might slip off when you use them.

Safety Of The Heated Blanket

You might fall asleep when using a USB heated blanket so it is important that the blanket is safe. Most USB warming blankets should be safe because they use low voltage to operate. What is more, some USB heated blankets might have auto-off which prevents overheating.

Warranty And Customer Service

In case of any defects that you might experience with your blanket, it is important to check company policies concerning warranty and return. What is more, good customer service of the company might help you when you need to use your customer rights.

Affordability Of The Heated USB Blanket

Most electric USB blankets are affordable because they operate using low voltage and they also come in smaller dimensions. However, their price points might still significantly vary due to different manufacturers.

Heated Blanket Accessible Online

The most practical purchase of heated blankets is online. You can take your time and look up all the features such as size and other technicalities. What is more, you can order the electric blanket from retailers such as Amazon and send them directly as a gift. The price will not be displayed and you can leave a message.

Best 5 USB Powered Electric Blankets

Best USB Heated Shawl And Lap Blanket

Convenient Gadgets & Gifts USB Plush Blanket

Fabric And Color

The fabric of the heated USB blanket is very soft plush. The material of the electric blanket is 100% polyester. The electric blanket can be purchased in only one limited color and that is blue. The heating pad can be removed from the blanket when it needs to be washed.

USB Heated Lap And Shawl Blanket

Dimensions Of The Shawl

The size of the heated USB powered blanket is 31x17in. Namely, the electric blanket is made to be compact so that it can be used for the office or at home when you work on your laptop. It is large enough to cover your knees and it can be used as a shawl.

Cords And USB

The heated USB powered blanket comes equipped with cords and 2 UBS plugs. The length of the wire for the heated blanket is 48in. The USB charged heated blanket can be heated using any laptop, PC or Mac.

USB Heated Lap And Shawl Blanket review

How To Heat The Blanket With USB

As it was mentioned, the heated shawl blanket is heated using 2 USB plugs that come with the warming blanket. The USB powered blanket is user-friendly and you only need to know that 2 USB plugs represent 2 heating levels.

Safety Measures For The Blanket

The electric blankets with USB ports will be easy to heat. However, the blanket does not feature auto-off. Therefore, you will have to remember to plug out the USB after some time to prevent overheating.

Why Should You Buy It:

  • Very soft fabric
  • Can be used as a heated shawl
  • You can plug it into a laptop

Best Oversized USB Heated Throw

Perfect Prime USB Heated Fleece Blanket

Material Of The USB Electric Blanket

The material of the USB charged heated blanket is a fleece. That material is one of the best for USB heated blanket because it is long-lasting and it does not slide off. In addition, it is easy to clean the blanket in the machine.

Perfect Prime USB Heated Fleece Blanket

Size Of The USB Throw

The size of this oversized USB powered electric blanket is 130x80in. That size is large enough to cover two people. However, note that the warming USB blanket has a limited heating area that covers 60x30cm.

Therapeutic Heated USB Blanket

This heated USB powered blanket can be used for therapeutic purposes. Namely, the electric USB Blanket can be used to ease anxiety, improve blood circulation, as an aid for people who have trouble sleeping because of heat regulation, etc.

Perfect Prime USB Heated Fleece Blanket review

Use It For Outdoor Activities

Considering its design that includes heating by using USB ports, the electric blanket can be used outdoors. According to the manufacturer, the heated USB powered blanket is ideal for travel, hiking, camping, or any other outdoor activity.

Return Policy And Customer Service

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return this electric heated USB blanket during the first 30 days of your purchase. If you struggle when using this blanket, you can also contact Perfect Prime’s customer service that will help.

Why Should You Buy It:

  • Long-lasting fleece material
  • Larger throw size
  • Can be returned the first month
  • Portable heated USB blanket

Best Cheap USB Heated Shawl

Z-YQL Fleece Warming USB Blanket

Limited Color And Fleece Fabric

The heated USB blanket is available in only one limited coffee color. The fabric that is used for the electric USB powered blanket is a very comfortable fleece. That fabric is known for its durability and it also evenly conducts the heat.

Z-YQL Fleece Warming USB Blanket

Design Of The USB Warming Blanket

This model of heated USB blanket is of smaller dimensions. That is to say, it is ideal is you need to cover your knees or shoulders. It can be used as a shawl because the design of the heated USB blanket features a button.

Heating Technology Of The Blanket

The electric blanket is easy to heat and it uses the carbon fiber to improve heating. When you want to heat your USB blanket, you just need to find a computer, laptop or something that enables connection of USB.

Z-YQL Fleece Warming USB Blanket review

Maintenance Of The Blanket

You can easily take out electric parts of the heated USB blanket and toss it into the washing machine. That is to say, the USB electric blanket is low maintenance and it will also dry very quickly for your convenience.

Price Of The Heated Blanket

Considering the small dimension of the warming USB blanket and its simplicity design-wise but also of electric parts, the blanket is affordable. It is also one of the cheapest products on the list of electric blankets.

Why Should You Buy It:

  • Affordable heated blanket
  • Can be fixated with the button
  • Low-maintenance heated blanket

Best USB Heated Stadium Blanket

Blue Net Polar Fleece Electric USB Blanket

What You Get With The Blanket

When you purchase this heated USB blanket, you get a blanket and USB cable. Namely, you do not get a power bank that allows you to heat the warming blanket everywhere you go. If you intend to use it indoors, you can plug it into your laptop.

Blue Net Polar Fleece Electric USB Blanket

USB Powered Electric Blanket

The heated blanket is powered using USB. When you want to heat the blanket, you will need to plug the USB into the power bank or laptop. You will not be able to regulate the heat on this blanket because it does not feature auto-off.

Safe Heated Blanket

The heated USB blanket uses low-voltage to operate. That makes the electric USB blanket safe for use. Namely, to heat the blanket, the USB will not use more than 5V.

Blue Net Polar Fleece Electric USB Blanket review

Practical And Portable

Because of its size, the blanket does not take up a lot of space. You can also fold it and store it in your emergency kit.  That makes the blanket ideal for travel or any outdoor activity. What is more, the electric blanket is also accessible for wheelchairs.

Common Customer Complaints

Make sure that you carefully follow instructions in the manual when using this USB blanket. Namely, some customers reported a shorter span of the electric parts of the blanket. Also, check the exact dimensions to see if they are suitable for your needs.

Why Should You Buy It:

  • Compact blanket for storage
  • Low-voltage of the blanket
  • Can be used for wheelchairs
  • Powered using USB

Best USB Heated Blanket For Camping

Dawnlab Outdoor/Indoor Microplush USB Blanket

Advantages Of Microplush Material

The USB heated blanket is made out of micro plush material. That material has a lot of advantages. Namely, the heated USB blankets that are made with this material are very cozy and they are lightweight.

Dawnlab OutdoorIndoor Microplush USB Blanket

Cleaning Of The Blanket

Cleaning of this heated blanket is not an issue. You can use the washing machine when you need to clean the USB blanket after your camping trip. However, do not forget to take out the electric parts of the blanket and read the instructions in the manual.

Heating Tech Of The Blanket

The heating pad is the part that can be separated from the blanket and that is also the part that will be heated once you plug in the USB. The material of the heated pad features carbon fiber that will enable quality heating.

Dawnlab OutdoorIndoor Microplush USB Blanket review

Safe To Use  

The manufacturer guarantees the safety of this heated USB powered blanket. Namely, considering that the blanket uses USB for heating, it operates using no more than 5V. The wire is also water-resistant.

Easy To Return The Blanket

In case you have any issues with this blanket, you can return the blanket within the first 30 days of purchase. The manufacturers value their customers and want them to be satisfied with their purchase.

Why Should You Buy It:

  • Easy to clean the blanket
  • Safe heated blanket
  • Carbon-fibre technology

Conclusion: Which USB Powered Heated Blankets Are Recommended For Purchase?

You cannot go wrong with any electric USB blanket from the list of reviewed blankets. However, different models have their advantages. If you want an affordable heated UBS blanket, try Z-YQL Fleece Warming USB Blanket. For the blanket that can be used outside, I suggest Dawnlab Outdoor/Indoor Microplush USB Blanket .

I have other articles if you would like to read more about the best electric blankets and their advantages and disadvantages. Read about low voltage electric blankets if you want a safe blanket that can be used by your pets and also save money. In case you need a larger sized blanket, read about electric blankets for queen size bed.